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December 14, 2014

~ Claire and Ronnie ~ Married!

Claire and Ronnie you are the best.  No seriously, you have no idea how exhausted photographers are by the time their last wedding of the year rolls around, but you two were amazing.  Couples like you make me fall more in love with wedding photography.
Claire doesn't just light up a room, she comes bursting through the windows like a rainbow raining glitter. Everybody loves Claire, and Claire loves everybody.  It was no big shock to me that she had 14 bridesmaids, the highest number of bridesmaids I've shot in 10 years. 
Ronnie is strong, humble, gentle and kind.  He comes from a family that I simply adore. He matched her with 14 groomsmen. I love the look of pride on their faces as they watch their brother and friend lift his new brides veil for the first time. 
Claire checking out her new hardware after they exchanged rings ;)
Claire was radiant.  She nailed the couture look with a fitted gown and high placed full veil, which is my absolute favorite style of veil. 
Ronnie looked ridiculously handsome, which was not a surprise to me.  I've shot 3 weddings for his family and they only produce really good looking children.  Seriously, they hit some sort of gene-pool lottery that none of us know about :)
One of the groomsmen gave a beautiful toast where he said "Claire, today was 
just a formality, because you've already been family to us for years"
So now they are married.  Husband and Wife.  I adore you guys and I think the world is a much better place with you in it.   I'm so lucky that I got to be your wedding photographer. 

December 4, 2014

~ Kathy and Patrick ~ Married!!!!

A BIG congratulations to Kathy and Patrick who are enjoying their time as brand-new-newlyweds.  Kathy's dress was stunning, classic, and timeless.  But I didn't expect any less from a beauty like her :)
The end of this year spiked a trend in large, chunky necklaces for bridesmaids and I love it.  It complimented their Emerald dresses perfectly. 
Dad seeing his girl for the first time.  Always one of my favorite moments of the day.
Seriously, how adorable are her bridesmaids with their paparazzi cell phones. They were so excited to see their friend get married.
Some rain and the questionable safety on the streets of Clayton at that time kept us inside for all the portraits. Definitely not the first time in my career this has happened, but when it does it always challenges and stretches my artistic abilities. Kathy and Patrick rocked it.  
They made me look good :)
We did manage to sneak out to the parking lot for about 5 minutes, long enough to get a cute umbrella shot. 

You can never go wrong with a romantic wedding at the Ritz on a chilly early-winter night.  The night was filled with warm smiles and some killer dancing.  Congratulations Kathy and Patrick.
And a final shout-out to one of my all-time favorite couples, Jackie and Bobby, for referring this wedding to me. If you've ever met with me in person you may recognize these two from the sample albums I share with clients.  Truly one of my favorite couples eva! 
One more wedding to share until 2015….coming soon :)