EPISODE 110 - Our guests Chasity and Chris have been blind since birth, your questions answered.

Listen to "Episode 110 - Meet Chris and Chasity, who have both been blind since birth." on Spreaker.

Have you ever wondered what's it like to spend your entire life being blind? Do you see images when you dream? How do you pick out your clothes? What do you think the color yellow looks like? What is the stupidest thing a sighted person has ever said to you?

We find out the questions to those answers and much, MUCH more :) Chasity and Chris are our guests today,(along with Chasitys' guide dog, Glenn) they have both been blind since birth, and they told us no question was off the table. 

Which is why we ended up putting an "Explicit" rating on this show. Because whatever pops up in Chasitys head just comes flying out of her mouth. LOL  Buckle up and enjoy this one! As always, if you like the show, SHARE the show :)

EPISODE 109 - We lost Piggy Smalls

We're back! Thank you to everyone for enduring our extended break. The Manno's were taking care of Piggy Smalls, their pet pig, who sadly lost his battle with an infection Friday night. He was only 2 1/2 years old and made friends with everyone he met. They did everything they could to save him and he will be sorely missed. Check out the tribute video below: 

Next, Hoss tells us about his friend's daughter who got in trouble at Basha High School in Chandler, AZ for a dress-code violation for wearing the cold-shoulder top you see on the left below. In contrast, the photo on the right shows what Basha High dresses their cheerleaders in...

What would cause a 41 year old man attending Burning  Man out in the desert to run into the 'burning man'? Toxicology reports are pending but we're suspecting ALL THE DRUGS. 

Poor Molly. Kelly's dog is embarrassed to be seen in public after a horrific 'haircut' to deal with a flea attack this weekend. Its ok, Molly. It'll fill in... eventually. 

EPISODE 108 - Last night, we met Guns N Roses, and then a guy in our suite shit his pants. True Story

Okay, this was suppose to be the podcast where we tell you HOW we got backstage meet and greet passes with a band who DOES NOT do "Meet and Greets"... but then a guy shit his pants IN OUR SUITE and that became the breaking news... but let me back up.
Last night Guns N Roses returned to St Louis for the first time in 26 years since the infamous riot (that we covered in the last podcast, Episode 107) This is Hoss' favorite band on the PLANET and he arranged a beautiful suite for us, catered with food and drinks, the works. 
Below : Hoss in disbelief as Axl really does take the stage in St. Louis
With about 3 hours notice before the show I got wind that the band was doing a secret, charitable, Meet & Greet and went into hustle mode, not for me, but for Hoss. I have pulled off some serious shit in my life, but even I impressed myself with what we got to do. Here is Hoss, Traci Wilde and myself about 5 minutes before meeting the band. 

Side note : We had to put our phones away backstage and we are waiting for the tour photographers photo of us with the band. And I'm still trying to recover my "Boob Cam" footage as we speak. 

But then, when we thought NO STORY could top us going backstage....someone pooped their pants in our suite. Traci Wilde and I did some serious detective work and we explain the entire ridiculous story on the show. 

And finally, talk to Stump this morning, who came to hang out with us in our suite last night. We caught up with him this morning to found out if Axl acknowledged him from the stage, and what he thought of the show. We also asked him if he felt any closure from all of this, Stump was a great interview and you're gonna want to hear what he has to say. 

Bottom line is, if you wanna hang with The Kelly Manno show you got have your wits about you to keep up. Because you never know whats going to happen, when you're going to wiggle back stage, or sit in a suite with someone who shit their pants. You just go with the flow. 

We are taking a 2 week break from the podcast to build a new and better website, and upgrade some equipment. 

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