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July 22, 2014

~ Cool things I see at Weddings ~ Part two

Being a Wedding Photographer I'm always interested in the new trends and watch many of them rise and fall quickly.   One that seems to be sticking around is Country Weddings.  After all, we live in the heart of the Midwest.   I think I've spent just as much time shooting in barns over the past year as I have churches.  I've seen many of my bridesmaids ditch stiletto heels for cowgirl boots.   In May when I shot Cameron and Gary's wedding I was in LOVE with the gifts they gave their groomsmen.  Landscape logs with their last name hand carved in. 
Then I saw her cake stand and I was in love with that too!  I can see this cake stand being their "First Family Heirloom" for years to come.  I asked Gary all sorts of questions about where he found these awesome pieces.  They are from a local shop called "The Wood Den" in Festus. 
I knew I had to check this place out for myself.  So me and the 3 kiddo's all piled in my minivan and headed to The Wood Den in Festus Missouri.   I got a chance to browse their brand new "Wedding Room" which has gorgeous wood carved pieces to buy or rent for your wedding. 
Check out this beautiful box that can be used for a ring bearer. 
Table numbers.
Centerpieces with center holes drilled ready for arrangements. 
Napkin rings,  tea-lit center pieces.
My favorite piece is a card box with the bride and groom initials carved on the front.  It's something I could see sitting in the family garden for years and being passed onto children.
I really can't say enough good things about The Wood Den in Festus.   If you're planning a country wedding this is the place to shop.    Visit their website listed in the link above and email Ryan with any questions you have.   Make sure you tell him you saw his awesome work on my blog.   
They don't only carve wedding pieces,  the things these guys can do with a chainsaw are simply amazing.  I wanted to order the whole store,  but I settled on a name log my for family :)  

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July 16, 2014

~ Baby Karina ~ Newborn photos

I'm a sucker for a good labor & delivery story, and Valarie will have a funny one to tell her daughter one day.   Mom was still 4 weeks away from her due date when her water broke early…with her husband 2,000 miles away for work, and it was almost 9 o'clock at night.  

So yeah,  there aren't a lot of flights going in and out of airports after 9pm.  However, Dad, rushed through the airport like a mad man, was able to secure a flight AND made in home in time to see the birth of his daughter.  It's like a scene straight out of a movie.  Seriously could you imagine how long that flight must have felt for him,  he did NOT have in-flight wi-fi by the way so he wasn't able to get updates while he was in the air. 
And Mom deserves some sort of trophy or medal for keeping her wits about her :)  Congratulations you guys,  she is beautiful. 
OMG!  I love this picture :)  Perfect note to end on. 

July 6, 2014

~ Sarah and Austin ~ MARRIED!!!

Nearly 10 years ago, while I was trying to build a photography business, I took on a second job as a figure skating instructor to help make ends meet.   I spent 14 long years of my life figure skating,  it's a sport I hold near and dear to my heart.   When I took the job, I had just had a baby,  and most of the instructors were significantly younger than me,  I was always worried I wouldn't fit in very well with them.  But they were the sweetest group of girls and I adored my time with them.  One of the girls I worked with was Sarah.  Who would have ever thought all these years later our paths would cross again and I would be photographing her wedding. 
When I met her and Austin and their engagement session last year I thought they were one of the cutest couples I'd ever met.  They literally look like Ken and Barbie, which makes my job pretty easy.   And they treat each other with a level of love and respect that other couples envy. 
Sarah went with the shabby-chic-vintage feel for her reception and pulled it off beautifully.  The cakes and goodies were Made by Lia,  and the gorgeous flowers and centerpeices were from Stems in Florissant.  

This is the part of the blog where I usually show some romantic photos of their first dance,  but they and something else in mind :)
Thank you Sarah and Austin!  Here's to many, many years of happiness. 

June 30, 2014

~ MABRY - Class of 2015 ~

About 4 years ago I quietly quit accepting High School Senior sessions.  For a lot of personal reasons.  I felt like they weren't my strong suit,  or something I excelled in.   I didn't really connect with older kids.  I needed to streamline my business and shoot a couple things I'm really good at and stay away from the things I'm not.  
Last year,  an old family friend starting asking me,  begging me, to shoot her daughters Senior portraits. This extended family means an awful lot to me and I couldn't say no.  After all I've known Mabry since  she was a toddler, and I hadn't seen her in years.  I'm so glad I accepted this session.   Mabry has grown to be such a beautiful girl inside and out.   She did every silly thing I asked her to do at this session and as a result she has some stunning Senior Photos.   

As a matter of fact,  I liked shooting them so much that I've decided to move Senior sessions back into my arsenal for the class of 2015.  I don't know where the heck I'm going to squeeze them in,  but I'll find somewhere :)   I'll be adding the details to my website later this year.  In the meantime if you would like to get your High School Senior on my waiting list email me here:  Kellymanno@yahoo.com