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November 13, 2014

~ Jennifer and Nathan ~ MARRIED!

Jennifer and Nathan are married!  They had a picture perfect fall wedding in my hometown of Granite City IL :)  Weddings like this make me wish we could have fall weather 12 months a year.
They said their views in a small nostalgic church tucked away in the neighborhoods downtown. 
That's Jennifer getting some final touches from her Mom and her "Man of Honor" Matt, more about that in a minute. 
Daddy and his little girl, getting ready to walk down the aisle. 
But first, it's the adorable ring bearers turn to steal the spotlight. 
Jennifer and Nate had monogrammed rally towels for their guests to wave as they exited the church. 
Jennifers best friend is her cousin Matt.  They have an adorable relationship and he was her "Man of honor" - they asked me to re-create a photo they took in this exact spot, at this exact church, years ago when they were in their Aunt Sherri's wedding as children.  Aren't they cute?
Now onto the good stuff..bring on the fall color :)
Not to be outdone, Nathan and his guys looked pretty cute too :)
Thank you Nathan and Jennifer for trusting me to capture your wedding day.  I can't wait to show you the rest of the photos.  Much more to come :)

October 23, 2014

~ Kelsey and Bill ~ Married!!!

Kelsey is loud, funny, honest, spunky, and the life of the party.  She keeps Bill on his toes and a smile on his face.  She was my very first 2014 booked, I feel like this date has been on the calendar for ages.  I'm so excited it went exactly the way she planned. 

Kelsey is a bit of a Daddy's girl.  You're going to notice that theme throughout these photos. 
On the left…"shooting"…on the right "the shot" 
Kelsey was a longtime employee of Scottrade and a huge Blues fan so we had some special privileges for shooting :)

Her reception was at the exact same venue, and in the exact same room, as my wedding reception 11 years ago.  I was instantly flooded with so many memories.  It was such a great night of fun and family, Kelsey and Bill partied the night away in style.

See….Daddy's Girl :)