February 14, 2017

Ep. 89 - A peek behind the curtain of the radio business with guest Curt Copeland

Another Monday morning means a pipin' hot new episode of the Kelly Manno Show! You're in for the treat of an extended show today, because we've got special guest Curt Copeland in the studio and we're talking the Grammy's, Kelly's geriatric dog chase and an insider's look at the business of radio.

This poor sleepy creature is Kelly's dog Molly. Little Molly is about 15 years old and is having a great day if she never has to get up from her naps. 

Kelly's son Rocky had an out of town tournament this weekend so the Manno's enlisted their sweet neighbors to dog sit for them for a couple days.You're just going to have to tune in to hear the rest of the story and find out why Libby Lu made them this Thank You drawing featuring... the lake? Its a doozy, kids!

Next up, the Grammy's! Did you watch? Adele won nearly everything, Beyonce did yet-another strange performance art piece ("She looks like a gold statue of liberty who's pregnant" - Libby Lu), and Gaga was KILLING IT with Metallica - technical difficulties and all! 

And then we see the photo of Joy Villa on the red carpet wearing a Trump dress! Here she is in all her 'Make America Great Again' glory. Was this a little too political for the red carpet? A great statement? No matter how you feel about the man, this dress certainly got everyone talking.

Finally, our good buddy and veteran local radio DJ, Curt Copeland stopped by (he's our very best friend in the whole wide world, after all)! We chatted him up for a bit on everything from the Cardinals, to Valentine's Day and Tom Brady and we play 'Two Lies and a Truth' and learn a few interesting things Curt never did. 

He also gives us a sneak peek into the world that is on-air radio in St. Louis. Or, really, anywhere, probably. Curt's been fired from a few radio jobs and gives us some insight on the inner workings of how the stations are run, who gets to know what and maybe why these guys move from station to station so much. Its really a great listen, guys, so hang out for this extended part of the show. We'll definitely have Curt back on with us in the future!

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February 8, 2017

Interview with an Escort...You've seen "Pretty Woman" now find out what the business is REALLY like.

In keeping with our series of "Interesting Jobs" on the Kelly Manno Show, we're so so stoked to bring you Kelly's number one bucket-list interview, the Escort!

"Becky" is a former professional escort of 10 years and has graciously agreed to come on our show and answer all our crazy questions about her life and work. Today, we learn things like the difference between a hooker and an escort, what her family knows and thinks of the job, how she keeps herself safe and even how she reports on her taxes.

There's even a crazy story or two in there - guys, you may never look at mayonnaise the same way again...

Listen in to get all the details and maybe learn a few things you didn't know! What was most interesting to you? Is there anything else you would've asked her?

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February 1, 2017

Backroad Design photoshoot - Editorial, Fashion, Fun. {Kelly Manno Photography}

As my podcast continues to grow and shape so does my photography business. While I love and learn to balance both careers, it's not realistic that I can grow my Radio career and still keep up a schedule of shooting 30 weddings a year. 

I've had a lot of fun branching out and exploring other styles of photography. My camera is like an extension of my arm, I will never set it down all together, but realistically I'm looking at a re-branding in the next year or two to reflect the direction I want to head :) 

This is the third "Look Book" I've shot for Backroad Design.  A comfortable and fun apparel line launched right here in St. Louis but selling nationwide! If you like what you see check out their website. 

January 30, 2017

Ep. 87 - The Tooth Fairy pays more these days then when WE were kids, and what Kelly might be doing instead of watching the Oscars

Hang on to your hats, listeners, we're on a roll today! I think we're all a little slap happy from lack of sleep this weekend. Ever have those nights where you just stare at the ceiling? We're old and need our beauty sleep so when we don't get our 8 hours, you never know whats gonna happen on the show...

So for starters, Kelly's middle daughter Luci lost not one, but TWO teeth this weekend! She wrote an interrogation letter to the Tooth Fairy and got us some deets on the canine-collector. Plus $10 for her dear departed chompers. Where was this Tooth Fairy when I was a kid!?

Next, we've decided we're all totally tired of Facebook being so political, so we're talking about how freakin' AMAZING Britney Spears is looking on Instagram lately. I have a feeling Hoss has her workout clips on repeat this week.

Check it out here (uh, probably not safe for kiddos ;) )

The nominations for the Academy Awards also came out this week. Kelly recaps a few of the nominated movies and adds her list of things she'd rather do than watch the Oscars, include riveting activities such as 'Lick a gas station toilet' and 'Have Nickelback come play at my wedding'. Listen in to get the full list and see if you agree.

Speaking of TV, who wants to start a campaign to get Kelly on another game show!? Its been a few minutes since we've seen a Manno on TV and I think with the resurgence of all these great new game shows, its high time that we remedy that situation. What do you think? Family Feud? Hunted? The Wall? I personally think she could kill it on Celebrity Name Game. Let's make this happen, people!

We'll have another show for you this week, kids. In our "Interesting Jobs" series, we've found a professional escort to come on the show and spill all her secrets! Well, maybe not ALL. But a lot! If you have questions for our special guest, be sure to email HeyKelly@KellyManno.com or ask in our Facebook chat group! Get your questions in by 5pm Tuesday Jan 31!

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January 24, 2017

Let me tell you a story - About the time my house was hit by a tornado.

It's story time! Settle in, take a seat, and listen as I tell the story of the time my house was hit by a tornado. These photos go along with the story so make sure you come back and check them out after you listen. 

Below : Photos of Howdershell road, where my husband was when the tornado hit. He had to drive back down this road again to get home to us. He said said it was a bit like "Dukes of Hazard" getting home. He ended up with 2 flat tires from the debris.
I took these photos of our street the next morning. We lost so many huge gorgeous trees.
This storm survey shows the path of the tornado, the white arrow is pointing to our roof. 
We remained without power for 7 days.
No one can explain the complexity of a tornado, or where it chooses to touch down. 

Left photo : Telephone pole snapped in half. 
Right photo : My freshly planted Bradford Pear tree standing tall after the storm, it doesn't even look like it lost a flower.

These 2 photos were taken 7 houses apart. 
The window we used to get in and out of the house. And of course, my all time favorite picture of my 3 kids :)
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