July 24, 2016

Episode 61- Kelly went to her 20th High School reunion. It ended with her drunk in the parking lot. Wearing her old Pom uniform.

Kelly went to her 20th High School reunion over the weekend.

It ended with her drunk and alone, in the parking lot.

Wearing her old Pom uniform.

Her husbands band played the event so he made sure the old drunk pom made it home safely.
Here is Kelly and some of her crew repping the legendary GCHS pom uniform back in 1996. Kelly was voted "Most likely to become a stunt woman in Hollywood"

So on the heels of Kelly's reunion shenanigans, Hoss, guest Donna Harris and Producer Gary all talked about their high school days and shared pictures as well as their "Class superlatives"

Here is Hoss attending prom, Hoss was voted "Most Uncoordinated" and at 7 feet tall we weren't surprised.  But we were surprised by his story about a fellow classmate, who happened to be a midget, and spent months challenging Hoss to a fist fight.

Here is Donna's senior picture!!  She spent her days as the "bad girl" in a strict Christian school, breaking rules and trying to find ways to make her cheerleading skirt shorter. She was voted "Most likely to die in a tanning bed"

And here is Producer Gary on his graduation day..and NO that picture is not a colorized black and white photo, it's color :O) He was voted "Most Spirited" 

July 17, 2016

Episode 59 - LIVE from the floor of the studio with special guest Becker!

We are LIVE...from the floor of the new studio thanks to Kelly taking a sledgehammer to the old desk. On the bright side, the sparkle wall looks phenomenal!! Our special guest in studio today is Christopher Becker, not to be confused with Molly the dog, who is photo bombing.

Pokemon Go continues to take over the world.  People are finding them EVERYWHERE...even in strip clubs....and we are starting to question some of these perverted characters.....Likitung???  Really?
And of course the one that looks like a weiner that every man in America is conveniently placing on his crotch.  THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS!!!!

Over the weekend a rare pokemon spawned and turned Central Park in New York into a circus, millenials everywhere nearly trampled each other to to catch "Vaporon" - to see the madness CLICK HERE 

Becker is many things, a fantastic photographer, a clean eating freak, a husband and father AND our resident Burning Man expert, he has been several years in a row and is attending again this year.

Kelly didn't even know what burning man was until she met Becker, to her it sounds like pure torture.  Pictured below is Becker and his beautiful wife enjoying burning man.

Of course, not everything that goes on at Burning Man is a beautiful as that picture. Lots of weird photos like grown men in tutu's with their weiners hanging out...

Click HERE to see some of Beckers NSFW pictures from Burning Man. But beware...WIENERS AHOY!!

Kelly is the perfect balance of compassionate and crazy to snag an injured bunny out of the grass and shove it in her purse....WHILE SHOOTING A WEDDING....this was a text from her assistant photographer to her husband.

To find out what happened to the bunny you gotta listen to the show.  And to see photos of the actual bunny rescue you can follow Kelly on INSTAGRAM 

Finally, Becker has managed to lose and keep off 90 pounds.  He looks fantastic and feels better than he ever has. You can learn his method and take part in the Lazy Man's Challenge. Click on the picture below to get more information.  
(Here is a hint, you get to eat a lot of good stuff, and work out very little, and no he isn't selling you a product, it's the real deal)

July 10, 2016

Episode 58 - We are BACK baby! First show from the Turtle House! Kelly and Hoss go Pokemon hunting LIVE on Facebook!

So have you heard of Pokemon Go?? It's all the rage right now, and since Kelly suffers from severe FOMO (fear of missing out) she got herself and Hoss ready to go Pokemon hunting!! Kelly is officially on the nerd bus with Hoss and Producer Gary.  If you would like to see the video of their pokemon hunt follow Kelly on Facebook HERE 

When these 2 aren't busy hunting fake pokemon characters they make a damn good wallpaper removal team.  The new studio is ALMOST done, look for the reveal pictures coming in a week or two.
Day one in the new crib Kellys sweet neighbors brought over fresh baked cookies to welcome them into the neighborhood.  They also left their phone number and said "call us if you need anything" - little did they know that first call would come at nearly midnight the next evening when Kelly's family was locked out of the subdivision.

Piggy Smalls was VIOLATED Saturday evening!!!! Below is the aftermath of the incident. Poor Piggy!! Listen to the show to find out what happened to him.
Hoss was in Nashville over the weekend seeing Guns and Roses for the SIXTH time since the reunion tour started. But this time was extra special because he got to spend time with the drummer, Steven Adler backstage.  HUGE!!


June 27, 2016

Episode 57- The Manno's are FINALLY moving, Kelly is making some bad adult decisions, is anyone shocked?

After months of threatening to do it, the Mannos are FINALLY moving!! Needless to say, Kelly is just a bit stressed out.

Kelly talks about doing a very "Manno" thing in regards to "the Cadillac of couches" that she bought even though she knows for a fact it will not fit in the room she wants it in. Be on the look out for Kelly and Jimmy on Facebook live looking like this.... 

But apprarently Kelly may never make to the new house because she thinks she going to die from the hiccups. Producer Gary offered a remedy that his wife uses that has never failed and Kelly poo-poo'd him but it is obvious from this picture Kelly found that someone else knows the cure too!! 
Kelly played audio of her hiccups and it reminded Hoss of the laugh of Lewis Skolnick from Revenge of the Nerds. Listen to the show and compare!!
Why are people so stupid? That might be a million dollar question.  Over the weekend 30 people needed to seek medical treatment after getting 2nd degree burns at a Tony Robins ceremony walking over hot coals.
You can read the full article HERE

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