Ep. 23 - Kelly talks about her new job at FOX 2!!!

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We're back again, kids! Sorry for the interruption in service over the past (and, likely, next) few weeks. Kelly got herself a fancy new 'adult' job and things are just getting sorted for everyone. We promise we're working on fun new shows for you so hang with us!

First up, we get an update on Kelly's aforementioned new job at Fox 2. Listen in to see how its going and what happened when the VP of News hollered Kelly's name down the hall at work... Someone is busted! 

Next there's a new documentary on HBO about Andre the Giant AND Vern Troyer (Mini-Me) died over the weekend.  We discuss with our own resident super-tall guy (Hoss) and terribly-short girl (Kelly) about how the world around them isn't made for people of unusual height and the everyday challenges that come with that (hello, airplane seats! washing machines! DATING!)

And finally, dealbreakers. Like relationship dealbreakers. What is something that would just ruin a great relationship for you? Would you be able to watch your spouse be a competitive eater and still be attracted to them? Listen in to hear some things that each of us just could NOT deal with from a partner.

Thanks for listening, you guys! We love you so so much and are so lucky to have the best listeners ever! If you LIKE the show, SHARE the show - this is a great one! Stay sassy, classy and a bit smart-assy!

Ep. 122 Ancestry.com is uncovering family secrets that were meant to be taken to the grave.

Listen to "Ep. 122 - Ancestry.com is turning peoples lives upside down...literally. You won't believe these stories." on Spreaker.

We have the MOST amazing show for you today. Ancestry.com is a widely popular genealogy website that has been used for years to discover your family heritage. But over the years as the site has grown and technology has improved it is now a DNA mapping site where it digitally links you to other relatives.

We have 3 guests joining us today who all took the test just to find out more about their family history and in return got a secret half sister, a sperm donor for a biological father, and another biological father with a 32 year old daughter he didn't know existed. These stories are amazing and will leave you on the edge of your seat. A huge thank you to Jonathan, Jessica, and Amy for sharing their stories.

We also have a giveaway today! Share the link to our show on your facebook page and be entered to win one of two St. Louis Cardinals baseball heritage posters from www.waltonsupplyco.comwww.waltonsupplyco.com

Ep. 121 - Kelly scared the CRAP out of her kids this weekend, and Katy Perrys American Idol kiss has Kelly and Hoss on different sides of the argument.

Listen to "Ep. 121 - Kelly scared the crap out of her kids, and UBER  just killed someone, literally." on Spreaker.

Over the weekend Kelly thought it would be fun to scare the hell out of her children, and some of their friends in an Easter Bunny costume, and we have to admit, it was hilarious. Take a look below to watch and take a listen to Episode 121 to hear all about it. 

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