~ See me after class ~

When I was a Junior in High School my chemistry teacher,  Mrs. Heath, caught me cheating on a test.  I remember getting that test handed back to me with "See Me after class" written in red on the top...I knew I was busted.  I thought I was dead meat, I begged her not to tell my mom.

There were 2 classes I cheated in in High School, one was Spanish, the other was Chemistry.  I never felt bad for a second.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life and this Illinois girl was never going to have a need for Chemistry or Spanish.  I figured I should take a stab at learning the basics like, oh, you know... English and Math, but Chemistry or Spanish was not in my future.  My only focus at that time was to keep my grades high enough to continue shaking my butt on the Pom Squad.

I got an e-mail a few weeks ago from that same Chemistry teacher asking me to shoot her daughters Senior Photos.  I haven't seen her since I graduated High School.  I felt instantly compelled to apologize again for cheating in her class 13 years ago,  feverishly writing an e-mail only to find out she didn't even remember it!  She laughed, I laughed and we both laughed about how something so catastrophic to me could be so forgettable to her.

I'm glad she didn't remember, her daughter, Carly, is beautiful and we got some fantastic images.

13 days....

So I woke up this morning and was feeling generous...I thought I would release the promo and announce the line-up for this years "St. Louis Shot Party" - but I must of left the darn thing out in the sun or something because it got all melted and distorted, dang it!  Hate when that happens :)
I guess you guys will have to wait for the "official" release date to find out who is coming.  Mark your calendars for Monday June 6th and save your $259 now.   Tickets will go on sale that morning at 8:00am.  There will be 150 tickets sold on a first come first serve basis, once they are gone, they're gone.

So, let's review...

When is the Shot Party : Sunday August 21st, 2011

When do tickets go on sale : Monday June 6th at 8:00am

Where can I buy the tickets once they are on sale : www.stlouisshotparty.com

What the heck is a Shot Party?  Read about last years here 

~ Rebekah and Shaun ~

Some of you might remember a few years ago when I lost my sweet dog, Daisy.  Daisy was very sick in the 2 years before she died and I spent many many hours a wonderful vets office where Bekkie worked.  Bekkie was just one of the amazing staff members who helped Daisy through her long journey to the end.  I love meeting other die-hard animal lovers, it's like we understand something everyone else doesn't.    
Bekkie and her husband Shaun enjoyed absolutely gorgeous wedding day weather.  The day could not have been more perfect and their ceremony and reception site was amazing. 

They ditched the idea of traditional black tuxes and went with some stunning grey Calvin Kleins and the guys looked very handsome and dapper.

~ Introducing Mr. Levi ~

I have seen alot of adorable babies in 7 years of photography.  But little Mister Levi nearly takes the cake with his bright red hair.  I've seen alot of red-headed babies, but none quite like this.  Mom and Dad are just over the moon in love with this little one and it's clear why.

Sweet little thing, all he wanted to do was sleep and we just kept messing with him.  At the very end we got him to open his peepers for a few shots.  Congratulations Mom and Dad and beautiful little Levi on your new family :)

~ Happy Monday, a little of this and that ~

So do you remember Erin and Mark?  They've been on the blog before.  More than once.  Their most memorable appearance was probably their fabulous wedding day.   Need a reminder?  Click here.  So, if they got married nearly a year ago...why are they dressed in their wedding attire again, roaming the streets of Alton IL...and more importantly who is the random dude popping up in all my photos?    The mystery will be revealed soon, really exciting things are happening at Kelly Manno Photography and I can't wait to share it all soon :)

Also, meet Sweet Caroline.  She has been on this blog before as well, but then she was still in her mama's belly.  She is here and happy and healthy and has a wonderful Mom, Dad, and Big Brother to take care of her. 

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