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St. Louis photographers know how to party!
Monday night The Knot threw a huge swanky industry party, the whole thing was planned by Sabrina at proposing dreams who is the most awesome wedding coordinator in town! Everyone in the wedding industry was there photographers, videographers, DJ's, caterers, etc...
Below is Me, Jenny and Jodi - this was pre-cocktails!The guy in the middle looking like he's getting his mug shot taken is Michael, a genius photographer who is the master mind of Studio B, Studio B is like a photo booth on crack, you can hire him to come to your wedding and take all these fun pics of your guests and he scrolls them on a jumbo-tron during your reception. It is a must have for 2008 brides!
I LOVE this pic below, so much freaking talent in this pic! I love having so many great friends in this industry who continue to inspire me. I love you guys! It was so good to see all you guys again, we need to hang out more often!
And a big thank you to my hubby who stayed home with the babies so I could have a mommy night out!
(FYI - all the images on my blog were scanned by my crappy scanner, Michael's Studio B work is much better quality than as it appears here :)

First of all, how cute is my cousin? This is Chantal - I remember when she was born, I can't believe she is a Senior! Here is Katie and Brandon - they are one of my 2008 couples, after meeting them I am really excited to shoot their wedding, they drove over an hour for this shoot, it was raining when they got here and they were still in great moods! So cute and so friendly! The session went great!
So sexy! I love this pic - it's hot!
And finally Christie and Curtis were married on 10/20! And I don't think Christie will mind me telling you that she passed out at the altar during her ceremony, that's the first time I've ever had a bride go down, seen plenty of bridesmaids and groomsmen but never the bride! ....And yes I got pictures, but you won't see them on here :)
This is Christie opening her wedding day gift from Curtis!Her dress was the bomb - I loved it!The happy couple!

My new obsession is dragging brides and grooms out in the street at night, I've done it at my last 3 weddings in a row!
Okay, so at about 90% of weddings the groomsmen get a few drinks in them and think it would be funny to make the photographer get into the picture, I always refuse but these guys insisted - they also try and get you to drink....hence the bottle someone shoved in my hand!

So here's me and Jodi drinking on the job!

Whew! Big Post coming at ya! October is always a super busy month for photographers, I had 5 portrait sessions this week so here we go!

Look how big Brooke is! If you've been to the birth section of my website you've seen her come into the world. If not check out her birth story HERE I can't believe it's been a year!Around the same time I also did the Birth story of baby Tannan! And his cute little booty got my absolute favorite shot of the weekend!
Looks just like his mommy!Last year I donated a couple of portrait sessions to St Louis Children's Hospital for a fundraiser. And here is one of the families who bid and won the auction! Back when I was on The Steve and DC show we worked very closely with Childrens Hospital and I truly believe they staff some of the most wonderful people on the planet!
I also did a multi-family shoot for the Weilgus/Evans family! You've seen some of these kiddo's on my blog before because they belong to Mike who runs Thunderstorm Multimedia he is an awesome videographer - 2008 brides if you haven't booked a videographer yet please give him a call!

Last but not least some engagement pics of Ashley & Justin who are one of my 2008 couples!

Has it really been 8 weeks? *sigh* where does the time go?

Congratulations Whitney & Doug!

So here's the story about Whitney. She e-mailed me a while ago to shoot her wedding and I told her no. Not only was it during my maternity leave but it was also the night before my son's 3rd birthday. I knew we'd be throwing a big party and I'd have to spend the night before preparing.

Well Whitney didn't want to take no for an answer. She sent me the nicest e-mail telling me my pictures gave her chills and she was broken hearted I wasn't available. She then resorted to a little begging and pleading and I totally caved in :)But really I won in the end because she is one of the sweetest brides I have ever worked with, she is so fun and full of life and it shines right through in her images.

They had a huge bridal party - 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen!

Yeah fall is here check out her awesome fall bouquet!
Just after the ceremony we did some night shots in front of the church using some landscape lighting, I thought they came out pretty cool!
Whitney - Thanks for making me be your photographer I had so much fun! And of course and Big Thank you to my trusty sidekick Dorinda who rocked it as always!

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