Ep. 94 - Cuss words alert! That night Hoss almost went to jail - Plus, you'll never think of the name 'Nanette' the same way again...

I know we said we probably wouldn't have a show this week, but this awesome thing happened over the weekend... so we do a show. And its a good one, kids! Lucky you! Right now, let's just say some things went down at a charity trivia night and we ALMOST had to call Producer Stephanie to bail Hoss out of jail. More on that in a minute...

But first, get an update on the Kelly Manno Show March Madness brackets - you'll never guess who's doing surprisingly well having only selected teams based on colors. Also, find out when we'll have an interview with the lady who crashed her car because she saw a Sasquatch in her rear-view mirror. We're putting Jimmy's show-producer skills to the test to track her down and get her on the show. You won't want to miss that one!

And if you are in the generation that grew up with Eminem on the radio you've heard plenty about 'Hailie Jade' in his songs. Well, little Hailie is all grow'd up and has an instagram account now. Check it out! Looks like she turned out relatively normal - hooray!

Next, we get into the reason you're all here today... we'll just call it 'the trivia night incident'. I don't want to give too much away. You really do have to listen to get the whole story with all the details (PARENTAL WARNING: We cuss here. A lot.), There was ultimately no violence but let's just say that trying to do 'passive aggressive' to Kelly doesn't work and she WILL stick up for herself when necessary. Tune in to get the details! We're just glad Hoss didn't have to turn green and rip his shirt...

Lastly, we tried to calm it down by talking about Brad's poor wife who got fired from Cracker Barrel after 11 years of service. Oh, you didn't hear about Brad's wife? Who's Brad? Why do we care that his wife got fired? All great questions. Sometimes the internet does awesome things for people in hilarious fashion. And sometimes we're totally immature and take things like Brad's poor wife's name to a whole 'nother place. You'll never think of the name 'Nanette' the same way again!

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Ep 93 - St Louis Blues fan favorite CAM JANSSEN is here!!!

Professional NHL hockey player, and St. Louis Blues fan-favorite Cam Janssen joins the show today!

But first.... RIP Chuck Berry

A legend in the Rock 'n Roll world and St. Louis hometown favorite Chuck Berry died this weekend at 90 years old. We talk about the effect he had on music, other artists in the industry and even his influence on today's music scene. Not to mention ways that Kelly can get to his memorial service to be the paparazzi for all the huge celebrities that will no-doubt attend. The Gods of Rock gained another angel!

How big of a "Hoosier" is Kelly? That's a loaded question but it was brought up by a friend she picked up over the weekend who told her "honking" for someone in a driveway is a hoosier-move. She says that with today's technology, the proper etiquette is to text someone that you've arrived.

But you know what they say... you can't teach an old hoosier new tricks. Kelly's gonna keep honking!

Cam Janssen is one of the few people in this world that can pull off being bat-shit crazy and incredibly charming at the same time. He beats the shit out of people for a living but you'll have a hard time finding any enemies of his because he's literally nice to everyone. 

We got to sit down and talk one-on-one about his career, growing up a hockey player, and of course Kelly's son Rocky got in on the action, too, asking Cam who would win in a fight... him or the Blues' current enforcer Ryan Reaves? To find out the answer you'll have to listen to the show.

Kelly also mentioned her favorite Cam moment of all time. Goalies are usually very protected and "untouchable" in hockey. But let's just say Price was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The rest was pure mayhem.

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Ep. 92 - Jimmy's birthday party, Kelly's near-death experience and meeting your heroes

Happy Birthday Jimmy! This weekend we all got to hang out at Jimmy's 40th birthday party Kelly put on and it was FUN. If you like an open bar and grade-schoolers doing karaoke, then you missed out on the time of your life. Listen in to hear our favorite bits of the night and Hoss' rendition of the 6-year-olds singing  'Let it Go'...

If you follow Kelly on Instagram (instagram.com/kellymanno) then you might've seen her nearly choke to death on cheese curds live on an insta-story. Just a lesson for you kids - don't try to sing 'Free Fallin' with a mouth full of fried cheese. You could choke and die and all your followers would see it. Thankfully Kelly is OK but its yet-another good PSA for safe use of social media.

Have you met any of your childhood heroes? Hoss is working feverishly to meet Axl Rose when he comes to St. Louis this summer, so we get to hear about how Kelly was obsessed with the band 'No Doubt' and how circumstances aligned so that she could follow them around the country on tour for a while and even share a banana with her idol, Gwen Stefani. Also find out if Hoss would rather spend an amazing weekend with Britney and never see her again or with Axl and never see him again. Decisions, decisions ...

Finally, Kelly weighs in  the latest Amy Schumer special to hit Netflix. Are you an Amy fan or is her humor too gross for you?

Ooh! Don't forget to sign up for the Kelly Manno Show's March Madness Tournament bracket... thing! Hoss knows way more about this than we do so he set it up. Pretty sure Kelly and Stephanie are just going to pick teams based on jersey colors and mascots. Get all the details on The Kelly Manno Show - Chat Group & Message Board on Facebook and the winner will get some cool prizes from the show!

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Ep. 91 - Pro Boxer and MMA fighter Kevin "The Hitman" Engel joins us.

Kelly starting taking boxing classes at the HIT SQUAD co-owned by our guest today, Kevin "The Hitman" Engel, we are all genuinely amused by someone who gets punched in the face for a living,  needless to say, lots of good questions for him coming up.
But FIRST! Kelly, Hoss, and Producer Stephanie killed it at a music trivia over the weekend beating out over 800 people to take home first place. Our table worked much like a baseball bullpen, listen to find out which one of us are the overweight left handed specialist who come in once a game :)
Where the hell is Richard Simmons? No really, where the hell is he? A lot of people have been wondering that since he mysteriously disappeared from the spotlight 2 years ago and hasn't been seen in public since. It's the basis of a new podcast called "Missing Richard Simmons" - Kelly is addicted and you will be too, make sure you check it out on iTunes. 

What does your zodiac sign say about your habits in the bedroom? A new article is spilling all the details. We find out which sign is the best kisser, the best sexting partner, and if you are a Sagittarius, like Kelly....look out because you will NOT believe what it has to say about YOU. I think this might be the first time in the history of this podcast that we've actually seen Kelly blush. If you want to read it for yourself the link is HERE
Kevin and Kim are here, co-owners of the HIT SQUAD in O'Fallon where Kelly has been taking boxing classes. We ask a professional fighter 

What is the worst pain you've ever felt in the ring? 
Does your Mom come to your fights? 
Ever been challenged to a bar fight by someone who has no idea who you are? 

All these questions and more! Plus details if you want to join Kelly in her boxing class at the HIT SQUAD in O'Fallon. Look for the logo below. 

Wanna see one of Kevin's fights? Watch below, spoiler alert..it ends in a KNOCK OUT :)

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