Ep. 122 Ancestry.com is uncovering family secrets that were meant to be taken to the grave.

Listen to "Ep. 122 - Ancestry.com is turning peoples lives upside down...literally. You won't believe these stories." on Spreaker.

We have the MOST amazing show for you today. Ancestry.com is a widely popular genealogy website that has been used for years to discover your family heritage. But over the years as the site has grown and technology has improved it is now a DNA mapping site where it digitally links you to other relatives.

We have 3 guests joining us today who all took the test just to find out more about their family history and in return got a secret half sister, a sperm donor for a biological father, and another biological father with a 32 year old daughter he didn't know existed. These stories are amazing and will leave you on the edge of your seat. A huge thank you to Jonathan, Jessica, and Amy for sharing their stories.

We also have a giveaway today! Share the link to our show on your facebook page and be entered to win one of two St. Louis Cardinals baseball heritage posters from www.waltonsupplyco.comwww.waltonsupplyco.com

Ep. 121 - Kelly scared the CRAP out of her kids this weekend, and Katy Perrys American Idol kiss has Kelly and Hoss on different sides of the argument.

Listen to "Ep. 121 - Kelly scared the crap out of her kids, and UBER  just killed someone, literally." on Spreaker.

Over the weekend Kelly thought it would be fun to scare the hell out of her children, and some of their friends in an Easter Bunny costume, and we have to admit, it was hilarious. Take a look below to watch and take a listen to Episode 121 to hear all about it. 

Ep. 120 The White Trash circus in St Louis (AKA The Eric Greitens scandal)

Ep. 119 - A boob flew out at the Olympics. Kellys car sticker is 8 months expired....and counting.

Listen to "Ep 119 - A boob flew out at the Olympics. Did you see it?  Also, Kellys sticker on her car is 8 months expired." on Spreaker.

So we had planned to record a show tonight and then traffic got in the way. So when Kelly buzzed through the door, we started the show in literally 7 seconds with no prep. Surprise!

Of course, we talked about the most recent school shooting in Florida and a bit about gun laws and rights. We know this is a very polarizing subject in America right now and Kelly and Hoss are both trained and responsible gun owners. Listen in to hear our take on the state of things. 

After that, we welcome Wes and Lacey to the show to talk about the Olympics - mostly figure skating. I swear I NEVER saw any body part fly out of a wardrobe malfunction on the ice this week! Do you think they should've been allowed to start over after fixing the dress? 

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Ep. 118 - The disappearance and death of Kelly Steiniger.

Ep. 116 - The kids are eating laundry detergent and whats the worst mistake you've ever made at a job?

Listen to "Ep 116 - Kids are eating laundry detergent. What the heck is Hygge? And what is the WORST mistake you've ever made at a job?" on Spreaker. 

Hey kids, its like Monday but on a Tuesday! We're a little late with the show this week but its MLK day so we figured we'd use the holiday to record. How was your weekend? I bet anyone's weekend was better than the good people of Hawaii on Saturday morning when they all thought they were getting blown up. We share some of our biggest work mistakes and some of yours, too. 

But first! If you live here in the continental US, and more specifically the Midwest, you know that it has been FREEZING cold lately which makes us all want to hibernate inside all winter and embrace the concept of "hygge" (hue-gah). You'll have to listen to find out exactly what that is, but trust that we will be getting "hygge" with it alllll winter. 

Also, the kids nowadays are thinking its funny to eat laundry detergent pods. (guys, I can't even with this). How many snapchat victims will go to the hospital this year from this ridiculousness? PSA: DON'T EAT THINGS THAT AREN'T FOOD. 

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Episode 115: Happy New Year! Kelly has a million-dollar idea and needs someone to invent it...

Listen to "Ep 115 - Kelly is sure she has a million dollar idea, and she needs some serious parenting advice. Listen and share your thoughts with us!" on Spreaker.

Happy New Year, everyone! We're back and making your Monday's suck a little bit less with a new Kelly Manno Show! This week, we maybe pick a little too much on Kelly's son Rocky, talk a little about the fate of this year's Buffalo Bills and discuss if we've opened the door to all-celebrity presidents in the future. Its a good one, kids!

Also, if you watched the Golden Globes on Sunday, let us know what you think about the 'silent' protest of all the people wearing black. We get into how the scandal with Harvey Weinstein and subsequent Hollywood men and sexual harassment has changed the way people interact, even on a very basic level. Do you feel like you have to be extra cautious now when talking to others, especially of the opposite sex? Can men and women be strictly friends? 

We hope you had a great holiday season and will make 2018 the best year ever! We are looking forward to hanging out with you all and bringing you a little podcast fun. Email us at HeyKelly@KellyManno.com if you have a show idea or know someone we NEED to interview. We LOVE you for listening! If you LIKE the show, SHARE the show!

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