Episode 114: Hey, we're alive!

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Aaaaand we're back! Thanks to everyone for being so patient with us while the crew dealt with some family junk over the past few weeks. We really appreciate all the 'miss you' messages! We missed you too and we're glad to be back for one more pre-holiday show! We'll be back at it after the new year with new episodes every Monday! Yes, really! 

Until then, get caught up with everything that's going on with us, our favorite Holiday memories, find out which of us is the 'Grinch' of the group and lots more! 

As always, IF YOU LOVE THE SHOW, SHARE THE SHOW! We love you guys for listening and I promise we'll back in your podcast feed with new hilarity after all the fruitcake is gone and we've slept off the hangover. STAY TUNED!

Episode 113 - Chatting with Joey from Support Up Veteran Ventures and a game of Heads Up... or Headbands...

Hey Kids! We're back and we've got a couple of awesome guests in the studio today. Joey and Matt from Support Up Veteran Ventures are here to talk about their organization and helping combat veterans transition back to civilian life by getting them outdoors. Welcome, guys!

But first, listen in to hear about the new season of 'Stranger Things', the tale of the longest pig 'member' you've ever seen, as well as how Kelly was thiiiiiiisclose to firing her weapon in her own minivan and the lengths she went to try to acquire 18 pumpkins the night before Halloween.

Also why Kelly is mad at Hoss AGAIN for recommending 'the best' escape room for a 60 year old's birthday party. Let's just say the clue guy got fed up and just came in to help. Whew. Its an epic one, folks. 

Thanks again to Joey and Matt for coming in to talk about Support Up Veteran Ventures! If you want to donate or nominate a veteran for a venture, visit https://supportupveteranventures.org/ for more information. 

EPISODE 112 - Harvey Weinstein, Colin Kaepernick and F-Marry-Kill

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Hey guys! We're back after Kelly's near-death sickness last week to talk about all this good stuff in the news lately. Welcome back, friends!

So this loser got exposed as a sexual predator this week by no less than 20 or so Hollywood actresses who attended 'private meetings' with him in hotel rooms. Listen to find out how Kelly thinks they all should've handled this guy.

Also, we can't let the 'take a knee' thing get past us without weighing in. What do you think about it? Are they right to protest? Should they keep their jobs or does the NFL have the right to fire them?

Lastly, after all this heavy stuff, we end the show with a fun game of 'F-Marry-Kill'. See if your answers match ours - I think we were mostly on the same page with most of them!

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EPISODE 111 - Producer Stephanie was staying in the Mandalay Bay hotel along with the Vegas shooter. Hear her account of what happened on the podcast.

The news is hard to watch these days, senseless tragedies like the one Las Vegas are impossible to wrap our head around. While a crazed gunman sat like a coward on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Vegas shooting innocent people, our own Producer Stephanie, and her husband Josh, were on vacation, staying in the same hotel. They had recently returned to their hotel room when the gunfire started.  They were put on lock down overnight, the SWAT team swept their hotel room, they were using a scanner to get all of their information. Stephanie and Josh were nice enough to sit down with us and tell us their story. Below is a text message between Stephanie and her friend who was also in the same hotel. 

We spend the rest of this show trying to talk out this horrible tragedy, we just love our Stephanie so much and we are so happy that she and her husband are safe. All of our love, thoughts, and prayers go to those who are suffering the loss of loved ones, as well as our first responders who deserve our utmost love and respect.
(Stephanie and her husband, Josh, the day of the shooting)

EPISODE 110 - Our guests Chasity and Chris have been blind since birth, your questions answered.

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Have you ever wondered what's it like to spend your entire life being blind? Do you see images when you dream? How do you pick out your clothes? What do you think the color yellow looks like? What is the stupidest thing a sighted person has ever said to you?

We find out the questions to those answers and much, MUCH more :) Chasity and Chris are our guests today,(along with Chasitys' guide dog, Glenn) they have both been blind since birth, and they told us no question was off the table. 

Which is why we ended up putting an "Explicit" rating on this show. Because whatever pops up in Chasitys head just comes flying out of her mouth. LOL  Buckle up and enjoy this one! As always, if you like the show, SHARE the show :)

EPISODE 109 - We lost Piggy Smalls

We're back! Thank you to everyone for enduring our extended break. The Manno's were taking care of Piggy Smalls, their pet pig, who sadly lost his battle with an infection Friday night. He was only 2 1/2 years old and made friends with everyone he met. They did everything they could to save him and he will be sorely missed. Check out the tribute video below: 

Next, Hoss tells us about his friend's daughter who got in trouble at Basha High School in Chandler, AZ for a dress-code violation for wearing the cold-shoulder top you see on the left below. In contrast, the photo on the right shows what Basha High dresses their cheerleaders in...

What would cause a 41 year old man attending Burning  Man out in the desert to run into the 'burning man'? Toxicology reports are pending but we're suspecting ALL THE DRUGS. 

Poor Molly. Kelly's dog is embarrassed to be seen in public after a horrific 'haircut' to deal with a flea attack this weekend. Its ok, Molly. It'll fill in... eventually. 

EPISODE 108 - Last night, we met Guns N Roses, and then a guy in our suite shit his pants. True Story

Okay, this was suppose to be the podcast where we tell you HOW we got backstage meet and greet passes with a band who DOES NOT do "Meet and Greets"... but then a guy shit his pants IN OUR SUITE and that became the breaking news... but let me back up.
Last night Guns N Roses returned to St Louis for the first time in 26 years since the infamous riot (that we covered in the last podcast, Episode 107) This is Hoss' favorite band on the PLANET and he arranged a beautiful suite for us, catered with food and drinks, the works. 
Below : Hoss in disbelief as Axl really does take the stage in St. Louis
With about 3 hours notice before the show I got wind that the band was doing a secret, charitable, Meet & Greet and went into hustle mode, not for me, but for Hoss. I have pulled off some serious shit in my life, but even I impressed myself with what we got to do. Here is Hoss, Traci Wilde and myself about 5 minutes before meeting the band. 

Side note : We had to put our phones away backstage and we are waiting for the tour photographers photo of us with the band. And I'm still trying to recover my "Boob Cam" footage as we speak. 

But then, when we thought NO STORY could top us going backstage....someone pooped their pants in our suite. Traci Wilde and I did some serious detective work and we explain the entire ridiculous story on the show. 

And finally, talk to Stump this morning, who came to hang out with us in our suite last night. We caught up with him this morning to found out if Axl acknowledged him from the stage, and what he thought of the show. We also asked him if he felt any closure from all of this, Stump was a great interview and you're gonna want to hear what he has to say. 

Bottom line is, if you wanna hang with The Kelly Manno show you got have your wits about you to keep up. Because you never know whats going to happen, when you're going to wiggle back stage, or sit in a suite with someone who shit their pants. You just go with the flow. 

We are taking a 2 week break from the podcast to build a new and better website, and upgrade some equipment. 

EPISODE 107 - Walter Wright is in studio with us, and GUNS N FREAKING ROSES are coming back to St. Louis for the first time since the 1991 riots.

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Walter Wright is a bit of a legend in St. Louis. Chances are good if you've been to a concert in the last 30 years you've seen him, or maybe he even tossed you out of a show (tune in for a story about the time he kicked Kelly out of an URGE show 18 years ago). He sits down with us for an exclusive interview about his career in the security business. Find out which celebrities impressed him, and you'll be shocked when you find out which one disappointed him and who left him the most starstruck. 

He had a front row seat of the Guns N Roses riot of 1991 and he tells us the story from a security guards point of view. 

If you need a refresher of that 1991 riot check out the link below.

Finally we had 2 listeners come in studio and battle it our for a pair of Guns N Roses tickets. Who went home a winner? Find out now on Episode #107 of The Kelly Manno Show Podcast. 

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EPISODE 106 - The ECLIPSE is coming, and people are freaking the hell out.

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What up, people! Hoss is outta town this week so we had our awesome friend Chris Becker come back in studio to co-host today! Chris is a super-successful wedding photographer who has started his own 'side hustle' as a health coach teaching people how to lose weight and keep it off using nutritional ketosis. Check out his story and program at ketology.co and let him know you heard him on the Kelly Manno show! Welcome back Chris! We also had Kelly's neighbor Lisa sitting in with us because why not? She's fun and we loved having her! Thanks for walking across the street to hang with us Lisa!

Ok, so if you somehow missed it, this week, the COOLEST PODCAST IN STL (that's us) put out a contest to win Guns N Roses tickets for their triumphant return to St. Louis on July 27th. Go see Kelly's Facebook page if you didn't see the video. You can't enter anymore though, because today we pulled the names of two people to face off with GnR trivia live in the studio on Monday for their chance to win! Congrats to Julie and Alanna! We will see you ladies on Monday - bring all the Axl knowledge you can fit in your brain!

Also, while on Facebook live, we chatted for a bit about the reasons we all hate Facebook. Kelly's noticing some weird stuff going on with her posts and who's seeing them and we think Facebook algorithms are to blame. Did they change things up again? Are you seeing posts from total strangers now? Do you hate Facebook but need to have it like we do? Ugh. Facebook.

And speaking of Facebook, a lot of this started because Kelly posted an editorial article from the Belleville News-Democrat making fun of a local school district that has decided to close school for the day of the solar eclipse in August. Check it out here. Its funny, right? Some people got super offended and had some really nice stuff to say about the story and other commentators. Do you think its silly that the school is closing to 'protect the children' from the eclipse? Would it be the school's fault if a kid damaged his eyesight looking at the eclipse while on school property? Will Kelly beat her 1995 'eclipse-looking' record of about 20 seconds and screw up her eyesight even more? 

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EPISODE 105 - Gross things you do with your spouse, and naked hockey players.

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Do you pop your husbands pimples for him? Have a conversation while one of you is on the toilet? Or share bathwater? Apparently many people do. Find out who on the show admits to the gross stuff.

But first! We are joined by Jen from Sacred Movement today hanging out and talking about a new class happening at her studio. Welcome back, Jen!

So we were live on Facebook talking about this car that somehow got on the roof of a house in St. Louis. Just how fast was this guy going to get enough air to be get himself on the roof of that house? Check out the story here!

We also talked about how ESPN put out their 2017 Body issue and Kelly and Hoss think they made everyone in that issue look awesome and badass, but they made the hockey players look stupid. Thoughts?

Next, we cement ourselves as one of THE coolest Podcasts in the area with the announcement of our Guns n' Roses Concert Ticket Giveaway Contest! If you missed the video about how to enter, check it out on Kelly's Facebook page for all the details, but HURRY! We'll be picking two people to come in and go head to head to choose a winner on Wednesday! GO GET IT HERE!

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EPISODE 104 - Hoss wins for the worst date EVER.

Kids, what did we all do before the internet? Or smart phones? or GPS? There's a narrow generation that knows what its like to grow up without these things but will spend the majority of their adult life WITH them. Do you remember the days when no one could just call you wherever you were or look up the movie times from their pocket? What do you remember most about the "time before wifi"?

Next we all get regaled with the tale from Hoss' Friday night date. Trust us, if YOU think you've had some bad dates, you ain't heard nothin' yet. This is one you simply must hear to believe! Let's just say it can be summed up like this: 

Finally, we read this story about a fashion blogger in Paris that was randomly killed when a whipped cream can exploded, hit her in the chest and caused a heart attack. It got us talking about accidents and ways that the most random days can turn into your last. Don't worry, to end on a happy note, we go over a few lines that can be said to someone at a funeral OR during sex. Just in case you're in need of a few things that have a dual purpose...

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EPISODE 103 - The episode where we talked about boobs

You guys, its the show all of you have been waiting for! Well, maybe some of you. We finally talk about boobs! Well, kindof. More on that in a minute...

Kelly's kids are home on summer vacation and keeping plenty busy! They just discovered last week that her youngest daughter Libby Lu is quite the talented ventriloquist! Kelly's working on getting her a puppet and developing this newfound talent. Look for her on a future episode of 'America's Got Talent'! 

Next, we're weighing in on bras. Kelly is in the camp of the bra-haters. She'd go bra-less everywhere if it were socially acceptable and is in full 'support' of ditching social norms on the so-called torture devices. Producer Stephanie (thankfully, the only other bra-wearer on the show) loves a great bra and has done copious amounts of research to find just the right ones. Whats your thoughts on the bra? Necessary evil or woman's best friend? Should it be socially acceptable to go bra-less if you've got boobs bigger than an A-cup? 

Our friend and famous white Branco bandit, OJ Simpson, is up for parole next month after being imprisoned for nine years following a conviction for his role in a 2007 Las Vegas hotel room incident where they were allegedly trying to steal OJ sports memorabilia at gunpoint. What do you think ol' Juice will do once he's out of prison for good? TV show? Another book deal? A Podcast??

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EPISODE 102 - The Great STL Bicycle Debate, do bike riders belong on the street? Or should they stay in parks?

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We're back again, kids! If you were with us live on Monday, you got to see the whole show on Facebook Live! If you catch us live, be sure to comment and let us know you're there - we love to hear from you guys about our show topics so chime in! 

This week, Kelly and Hoss gave a recap of the Granite City Carnie and their time in the 'I Dood It' tent. Man, some people get really serious about the game and prizes. 

Next, Kelly voices her annoyance with bicyclists on the road in St. Louis. Now, we all know that STL isn't the most bike-friendly place and bike lanes are only in certain areas. No one likes getting caught behind a cyclist and having to go 5mph behind them until you can pass, but what are the rules for biking on a main road? Should they stick to the sidewalks? Are we all overreacting and road-raging for no reason?

Did you guys see the story about the Kansas City man that was exonerated after 17 years in prison over a mistaken identity? The resemblance between this guy and the real criminal is unreal. Check out the story here. 

Then we somehow got to talking about our first cars and how crap-tastic they were and Kelly announces her brother's 'new' car that he is totally stoked about. Check out the sweet new ride!

Finally, some of our listeners will be sad to hear that the beloved reality show castoff series 'Bachelor in Paradise' has been suspended. (insert sad trombone). A contestant on the show has alleged that the producers of the show didn't protect her when she got totally wasted and made some ... ahem ... bad decisions. Read the full story here. Let us know if you need some emotional support for this loss...

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