"So ya had a bad day"...

Last Saturday was just one of those days....

First I woke up to a baby girl who had a double ear infection and 102 degree fever and I was sad I had to leave her all day for a wedding.

I loaded up that sick baby, and my son and drove 10 minutes across town for my oil change appt. only to find out they were running 3 hours behind. Turned around and drove back home because I would have never made it to my wedding on time...wasted trip.

Then I show up to do my "bride getting ready" photos at the WRONG HOTEL! Yes every photographers nightmare (note to self: There are 3 Crowne Plaza hotels in St Louis)

So I call my husband and we have this conversation... "Honey please say a prayer that my day gets better"...

No kidding, 10 minutes later this happens...

Yep, a bird took a big hearty dump on my Canon 5D - Lovely!

But I will say my day did get ALOT better, mainly thanks to my awesome bride and groom Jamie and Kevin! As well as my second shooter Kristen who kept my spirits up! The images from that day turned out awesome I can't wait to share them with you next week!

Coming Soon - Stacy & Scotts wedding photos:)

Eeeek! I love my job! I just had 2 really fun engagement sessions last week and I was really happy with how they both turned out!

First is Mike & Belinda, Mike and I worked together on the Steve and DC show forever, I remember when he started dating Belinda so I am thrilled to be their photographer.

We went for a "City" look with their session, check it out...
Next for a "softer" look I shot Shelley and Pat in Forrest Park and we had a blast too! My husbands band is playing their reception and I am their photographer so they've pretty much hired the whole Manno family :)

Meet the Nieperts!

Billy & Liz have been friends of mine since High School, Billy was one of my best buds and he married Liz who was one year younger. I love catching up with old friends even if it means working while I do it :)

Those who know them personally know they've had one hell of a year, it feels good to see these big smiles!

Mommy & Colin! Daddy & Colin! Thank you guys! I speak for alot of people when I say we love you and we're all still praying for you :)

Robyn & Josh were a sweet fun couple to work with and they had awesome wedding day weather too! A big thanks to my second shooter Jenny who rocked her socks off as usual!


Last week my friend Liz (a.k.a. Mrs. Neipert to her students) asked me to come speak to her career classes! It was a lot of fun, plus it was in my old High School so I got to see my old stomping grounds for the first time in 10 years.

I just talked to the kids about radio and photography and how I got into both and what it's like to run your own business, obstacles you face, etc...

I was NOT a very good student in High School, all I cared about was poms and boys and I was total slacker in the academic department. When I told me mom what I was doing she said "If your high school teachers found out you were telling young kids what to do with their lives they'd drop dead" - thanks for the support mom :)

Thanks Liz! See you this week for family pics!

"Real moms have sticky floors, dirty ovens, and happy kids"
My kids, Rocky and Luci :)

Catching up! Here are just a couple favorites from some recent sessions! First up is the Thorntons, I did their family photos about 2 years ago as well, it's always fun to catch up with return clients! I love seeing how the kids grow!

Next up, the Dowdy's! I am soooo overdue on this post! They are a return "Birth Story" family, I shot the birth of their 1 year old Ethan (seen below) - and I was suppose to shoot the birth of their little bun in the oven...but she went into labor the day Rocky got sick with 104 fever and vomiting, not only did I not want to leave my child but I also didn't want to bring that sickness onto a maternity floor. But here are a couple of their maternity shots!

I love Ethans little pose in this one :)

Hey Mommy what's this button do? :)

Luckily, my friend Kristen was available and swooped in and shot the birth for me! So here is Ethans baby brother Brandon!
Next up! A Mommy and Me session with Kelly & Kyle!

And finally, the "Kelly, Kellee, and Kelly Show" - Yep that's right a bride named "Kellee", a photographer named "Kelly" and a photographers assistant named "Kelly" - Whew! It as a confusing day!

There was an awesome field behind the church we snuck back for a few shots after the ceremony! Whoo hooo you know it's Spring when you see those little "cotton ball" flowers pop up that you blow on!

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