~ Shefy and Byran ~

I've been hoping to shoot an Indian wedding ceremony for a long time, the colors are so vivid and gorgeous! I was really excited when Shefy called and asked me to shoot both her traditional American ceremony and Indian Ceremony next year. She is going to be a beautiful bride, I can't wait!!! A quick outfit change and we hit the roads off Main Street St Charles looking for neat places to shoot....Bryan proposed to Shefy with his guitar and a song, so I asked Shefy to "serenade" him and she broke out into "Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, what are they feeding you?" Which is all the more reason to love her :)

~ Meredith and Ryan ~

Meredith is one of my oldest friends, aside from my family I don't think anyone else has known me longer. Her, myself, and our friend Holly we're coined the "SNOB SQUAD" by some of the burnouts in Junior High :) Soccer, Softball, Cheerleading, Poms, you name it, Meredith and I have done it together. She is one of the most Loyal friends you could ever ask for. She's been through alot these last few years and I am thrilled to see her marry such an awesome guy like Ryan.
Meredith and I couldn't really decide on a location for their photos, so we just hopped in my mini-van, turned on some "New Kids on The Block" and drove around our hometown of Granite City jumping out at different corn fields, wheat fields, whatever looked pretty.As usual we broke a few laws for some good shots...but it's okay...we went to high school with most the cops in Granite, we're good :)

~ 2 Sweet little boys ~

First is Baby Colin, I met him a couple weeks earlier when he was still in his mama's belly. Then he decided to come out and play :)Isn't mom gorgeous!Next is Baby Patrick! Look at all that hair!Let me tell you why Monica and Pat are going to be great parents. About 10 seconds after I took the basket photo above, little "Baby Pat" decided to do a little roll and belly flop onto the ground. Now, granted that's just about a 10 inch fall...but that's a newborn baby, and they are first time parents. I flinched and waiting for the panic to set in followed by a call to the doctor or rush to the hospital.....BUT instead Monica and Pat just giggled and scooped him up, a little kiss healed it all. Whew!Have I told anyone I am the swaddle Queen? Seriously....I'm as good as the nurses in the hospitals....look at that fine swaddle job~!

~ More cute family fun ~

The Karasek family met up with me a couple weeks ago with their adorable little guy.
Nice parents + smiley baby = Easy fun shoot.

~ The Lee Family ~

Okay, guys if I am a good little blogger you should have a new post everyday this week because I have alot to catch up on.... on deck is The Karasek Family, Baby Patrick, and Baby Colin.

But TODAY is the Lee Family and their gorgeous little girls!!!!
I love this next image so much I couldn't decide between B&W and Color, so here is both :)

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