Ep. 83 - Its the Ice-pocolypse! Also, a recap of our Crappy Christmas Caroling adventure

Hey kids! The Kelly Manno Show is... somehow... still doing live morning shows at 7am on Mondays! ... I KNOW! Its a whole thing now!

On today's show, and in case you missed it last week, we recap our adventure in Crappy Christmas Caroling. You guys really pulled through with nominating your friends and family to be on the receiving end of our jackassery and boy, was it a good time. Listen to find out what happened involving something called 'liquid ass' and if we finally were able to get kicked out of a Walmart!

And YES, of COURSE there's video of these shenanigans!

In case you live under a rock, or, I don't know, NOT in the St. Louis area, we had an ICE STORM Friday that all but shut down every major roadway in the area. People were sitting in traffic for hours, emergency vehicles were delayed and over 1,000 accidents were reported. The roads were so bad, that some local school buses weren't able to make it through and get kids home! We talked to a listener who had kids stranded at their elementary school overnight and find out how she, and her kids, handled it! THANKS, MODOT!

Ok maybe it wasn't THIS bad, but sheesh!

Another case of, 'So weird, it has to be from here': Todd Beckman, the guy who owns TanCo and MassageLuxe and a few others were indicted on kidnapping and weapons charges. This guy apparently kept someone in a shipping container for days until the family paid him $27,000 (whut?). They eventually paid and he was released, but again, what?? Check out the story here and let us know what you think!

Lastly, are you in the Christmas spirit this year? Are we being Scrooges? Ugh. So this video is going around of a kid at a high school who is receiving shoes from, what looks to be, the popular kids. Now, we're not taking away that this was a nice gesture, but whats with all the cameras? Why is everyone gathered around? Was this just a stunt to get a viral video out there? Do you think kids need the world patting them on the back in order to do good deeds? We think this trend of fake charity videos needs to stop. Be kind to one another and do good things without expecting praise or hits on your video for it.  Are you over it too or is this just the best?

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Ep - 82 Dan Duffy is here! We talk about the "so-called Preacher" trying to ruin Christmas for children at a mall.

Hey guys, Happy Monday! We're back for a new live show with special stand-in co-host, Dan Duffy!
Dan is a St. Louis radio icon and we are so happy to have him filling Hoss' seat while he's out of town. Thanks for joining us Dan!

Dan's family has been hit with the stomach bug going around and we chat about home remedies and the one weird thing that Kelly swears keeps the stomach flu from permeating the entire Manno household.

You also might get a little preview of the next Kelly Manno Show crazy stunt so tune in! We might show up at YOUR front door this week!

Oh and before we forget, CONGRATULATIONS to our Ugly Selfie Contest winners! Jen and Nichole both put up such great ugly selfies and great marketing efforts that Kelly gave away TWO Hatchimals to these lucky ladies! Great job, girls!

Guys, did you get your pet rock from Nordstrom before they sold out?? NO!? Well, you missed out! These things were going for, like, $85 a piece and apparently enough people were suckered by this that they SOLD OUT of them.

We also played the hilarious Generation Game with Laura, a millenial, and Marilee, a baby boomer. Listen to find out which could answer more questions about the other's generation!

Finally, we get to weigh in on this so-called 'preacher' in Texas who goes to the Santa line in the mall and starts heckling the kids and telling them that there is no Santa. I mean, really? Whats your take on kids believing in Santa? Do you think you can be religious and still have Santa be a part of Christmas? Watch the video, if you can stomach it.

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Ep. 81 - The secret to buying Hatchimals and a major concert announcement from Hoss!

GOOD MORNING! Yep, we can say that now because, friends, The Kelly Manno Show is officially a LIVE MORNING SHOW! Wake up with us (and lots of caffeine) from now on at 7am Mondays and get your week started right!

If you missed the show live and want to listen later (or again), we'll still be posting the podcast like normal, but tune in Monday mornings live at KellyManno.com to hear the fun at 7am!

This week, Kelly and Jimmy reveal the secret to getting the coveted Hatchimals for Christmas this year. Seems like every kid wants one and if you're still looking, check it out to get the details to get your own. OR you could enter our crazy contest and WIN one this week! More on that in a minute...

Next, Hoss has the mother of all concert announcements! Yes friends, its his Christmas morning because after 26 years, Guns 'n Roses coming back to St. Louis! Not only that, they're kicking off the tour right here on June 27th at the Dome at America's Center! You couldn't wipe the smile off his face today if you tried.


So because The Kelly Manno show is awesome like this, we're giving away a Hatchimal this week!! And because The Kelly Manno show is also crazy, we have to do it with a contest that makes you do stupid stuff.

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