Like Back to the Future? Watch this :)

My husband picks up his ringing phone "Hello?" - "I'm gonna need a DeLorean!!!"  I blurt out as fast as a I can.   These kind of random conversations no longer surprise him, he just gets to work and find me a DeLorean. 

Let's back up.  My husband manages a band, Clockwork. Who are starting to get some serious national attention and radio play.  They've got really big things in their future and we love and support them 100%.   

So we were at one of their gigs in the fall when they debuted a new song they'd been working on.  It was called "Long Way Down" - now, I love all of Clockwork's music.  But this song was different, it sounded different. It had this cool throwback vibe and sounded like something The Beatles would have written.  It lit a creative fire in me I knew couldn't put out. 

As soon as they walked off stage and were loading gear into the van - I probably said 20 times "We have to do a video for that new song, We have to do a video for that new song!" I sounded like a broken record telling everyone who would listen. 

It was one of those nights where I literally couldn't sleep because I had so many ideas spinning in my head.  My husband and I brainstormed together over the next few days and came up with a concept that fit the song perfectly. 

We wanted to re-create the "Enchanment Under the Sea" dance from Back to the Future.

I mean, how kick ass would that be?  We knew the perfect venue in the city we could rent and started making the initial calls to see if we could pull it off.  Once we were confident we could, the next step was selling the boys. Not only would this be a big project, but 2 of these 3 are still teenagers and most of them hadn't even SEEN the movie. 
But one slumber party later they all watched the movie and came back with a giant YES!  And before I knew it, I was producing my very first music video!  I went to school for radio and television production and I was so excited to be on a set again.  We already had a great director on board so it was time for my husband and I get to work and make our storyboard a reality. 

Production is a long and tedious job, but we got to work immediately.  We started with costume shopping. 
Then on a cold day in November we turned the Casa Loma Ballroom into the 
Enchantment Under The Sea Dance!!!  
No detail was left untouched, it was gorgeous.  Seeing it in real life, I felt like I had given birth to a blue sparkly baby! All of the Clockwork family and friends jumped to help.  From the props, set design, to feeding the entire production crew.  It was a team effort from beginning to end, from a group of people who love these 3 boys to the end of the earth and back. 
The rest of that day is a blur now...but I think we shot for somewhere between 12-14 hours? These dancers were freaking champs. 

Our kids were with us nearly the whole time.  Let's just say they were a little late to school the next day :)  But how many times do you get to say your did your homework on the set of a music video???  
I took the girls home a little early, but Rocky stayed the whole time. I think they wrapped at 3am. He actually got to assist the director, who was giving him jobs so he felt like part of the crew, he was totally in his element.
 I feel like every cool experience we give them is like planting a little creative seed in their head to help them decide what they want to do with their life when they're grown ups. They know what doctors, mailmen, teachers, and other professionals do, but do they really know what film directors do?  They do now :)

First, here is a little behind the scenes peek of filming day. 

...and here it is!  The final product!  My very first produced music video!  I hope you love it, I hope you share it, and I hope you check their website (, follow them on Facebook, and tell people about Clockwork, especially your teenagers. In a world of Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus the radio airwaves could use a little more Clockwork.  They write all their own songs and they have been doing this together since they were 13 and 14 years old.  No one works harder than these boys and their family, and they deserve every single bit of success that comes their way.  Support local music!  

Like the song?  Check them out on Spotify - "Clockwork - Not meant for the dark" - if you want to know my personal faves from the record check out these 5 first. 

1. All Right
2. Flaming June
3. We Stood Tall
4. Soul to Save
5. Long Way Down

Add them to your playlist today so you can love them as much as I do :)

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