~New & Old~
I love meeting new clients and I love catching up with old ones. Meet the "new" ones Allison and Ryan who came to me for some engagement pictures! They were super cute and easy shoot!

The Pikul family are old clients I originally met through a wedding a couple years ago but this is my second time doing their family photos!Cute. Cute kids!Most of all I love catching up with old "Birth Story" clients because I have such a special bond with them. I was there when Baby Will was born so I can't wait to be there for his little brother or sister :)Mommy's Belly and Will's Belly!Hmmm...maybe if I hide here this lady will quit taking my picture!

~Some of my favorite people in the whole world~

"You need to meet my friend Dawn so ya'll can get married and have babies" -

That's what I used to tell my best friend Brian ALL the time. Brian and Dawn are both some of the very best friends I've ever had...but they came from different "circles" of friends so they didn't know each other.

Dawn was my best friend..literally since pre-school, Brian is one of the best friends I've ever had in my life we were attached at the hip for about 5 years straight. They had never met but I knew they were meant to be.

I finally forced them together (literally stuck them in a car together for 30 minutes by their selves when they didn't hardly know each other) - and "Wah-la" it was LOVE :)
Their kids are too cute for words...just enjoy! Brian & Dawn there is a big fat spot on my heart with your names on it, I love you guys it was so good to see you again!
"You need to meet my best friend Dawn so ya'll can get married and have babies" - and so they did...

~Ashley & Justin~
Ashley and Justin were a fun sweet couple who were married on the most popular date of the year (6/7/08) Here are a couple shots of their awesome day!

I had to get LOTS of shots of Ashley's veil because she made it herself and hand-beaded the whole thing!***Fave of the day below***The set up...The shot...Fun on the trolley!A big thanks to Ashley, Justin and their whole wedding party for being so much fun. And of course to my awesome assistant Kristen for being so fun to work with and taking that nice shot up there of me getting cozy with the wall :)


Happy Daddy's day...especially to mine... here is me and my Dad back in 1978.

And here is my dad with Luci (my daughter) in 2008.I love you Daddy, your the best!

And...of course I can't forget my awesome husband who got this fancy new BBQ grill for fathers day. I got my dad this neat little rock for his garden with all the grankids names on it, he loved it!Speaking of Luci....I HAVE BIG NEWS! Look - I finally scrounged up enough hair on her head to make a little ponytail :) Eeeek! I have been waiting for this day for a long time...there may only be 3 hairs in it, but dang it... it's a ponytail!

Don't you think she would look sooo cute with her ears peirced...I am really debating if I should do it or not...is she too young? She is 10 months old... I keep going back and forth, any mommies with and advice feel free to leave a comment!

~Some of my favorite people~

Jeff and Jamie are some of my favorite people :) I captured the birth of their baby Ryan a year and a half ago and now they're having baby #2!

They are from my hometown, I've known Jeff since pre-school and Jamie since about 4th grade we were in this super cheesey modeling group together called "Glitter Girls" - we had jackets and everything...we thought we were cool!

Baby Ryan is getting soooo big....remember him when he was born? If not click here http://www.kellymannophotography.com/birthphotography.html go down to DVD SAMPLES and click on Baby Ryan!
My favorite below :)
Pretty, pretty sunset shots!
~Angela & Mike~
Angela got ready at her house, I met her there and the first thing I noticed were all these old wedding pics on the wall, I loved them!

Her parents had a great living room for pics!I loved these little flower girls! They were so cute!Her flowers were hands down some of the best I've ever seen!

Angela told me Mike was a river rat...so guess where we went to take pics?

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