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I warned you in a post a couple weeks ago that it would fill up fast and it did. My Spring sessions for families/engagements/Seniors etc....are gone.

I will start taking some summer sessions and then I expect fall to fill up just as quick.I also have very limited spots in fall because I have to leave alot of room for my 09 brides that I will be booking throughout the year for engagements.

You can still feel free to write me, I have alot of great friends I can refer you too :)

Congrats to Sarah and Derek! They were married on Jan 12th! And a big thank you to Dorinda for shooting with me that day, some of these images are hers and she rocked it out as always.

Alright kids, lets talk about light...Light it one of the hardest things to master/understand when you are a photographer, at some point in the last year or so something clicked and I feel like me and the sun are finally friends :) Sure I can shoot any time of day and get good stuff...but not all light is created equal...shooting at the right time of day can make a huge diffference in your portraits.
Sometimes you have to get creative with your light, there was a this neat back alley behind their reception building but there was no light at all.So we drug out their videographer and made him stand on the steps to shine light down on them! Jim (the videographer) is my buddy and he did the video for my wedding 4 years ago, if anyone wanted to check him out here is his website. (Of course I will be editing him out of their photos but I left him in just for effect)And then there is the reception....ATTENTION MY BRIDES - if you have not hired a DJ yet....please hire this one - www.mmdjshows.com everytime I shoot with them they bring an amazing light kit. I can get the coolest stuff - all the of the photos below were taken at a KC HALL which are not exactly known for their extravagant lighting... but if you hire them they will make your reception look more like a rock concert than a reception. Plus I can get all sorts of awesome shots like these!
So there ya go kids...lighting 101 - have a good day and enjoy the 8 inches of snow!!!

Hey Moms! Did you know I shoot birthday parties too? Baby Avery turned one this month, crazy how time flies, she is one of the many "Birth Stories" I have shot and I have the coolest job to be able to check in a year later and see the whole family again.
Birthday parties sure are fun, but they can also be stressful since your trying to juggle your guests, your toddler and keep the day on track. Hiring a photographer can make your day run ALOT smoother, it's just one less thing you have to do. Call for rates :)
Really...how cute is she :) And I am WAY behind on welcoming baby Liam into the world....he came so early that we didn't even have time to do maternity pics! This was also the 2nd time ever I had to call back up to cover his birth. So I owe a huge thank you to my friend Kristen for doing such a great job.Liam was just a doll for the whole shoot, but this crying one was still my favorite :) And the cold weather sent me, Robyn & Justin running for the warmth of the City Museum for their engagment shoot!I've shot there 2 other times and never knew this funky mirror thing was there...duh!

Hey Guys! January has me slammed with editing, so these are a bit overdue, but congrats to Emily and Barrett who were super cute and fun to work with. And of course to Jenny from catchlight who brought her "A Game" as usual :) Love ya girl! This time of year is hard to shoot, everything is dead and grey, but if you shoot at the right times with the right light you can still get some pretty cool stuff!This one was my favorite shot of the day, thanks Jenny!Okay I'm pooped! I have another wedding tomorrow and I still have 2 babies and another wedding I haven't blogged about, plus client who will be going into labor any day, and a birthday party and engagement shoot this weekend as well - so I will catch up on blogging when I have time~ Thanks!

Poor Luci, she's been so sick. A double ear infection and a bad, bad chest cold. So bad that Grandma had to spend the night twice for back up support!

But she is getting better, she is the chubbiest little thing you've ever seen. At her 4 month check up she weighed in the 90% percentile for her age again :( Poor thing I don't think that leopard print bikini I bought her is going to fit this summer!

Here is a conversation I had at Walmart the other day:

Some Lady: Aww your baby is so cute, how old is she?
Me: Thank you, she's 4 months.
Some Lady: Oh my, I have a grand-baby that's 4 months and I think yours could swallow mine whole.
Me: That's nice

Here's my girl...nothing but cheeks :)

E-MAIL ISSUES! I am having major e-mail issues, some of my regular messages are being sent into my junk/bulk folder that gets about 100 messages a day. I just peeked in there and found 7 e-mails I did not get.

FYI - If you ever send me an e-mail and I don't respond with in 48 hours....I didn't get it, send it again or just call me.

I will work on getting a new e-mail addy soon! Thanks!

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