~ Kristie and Matt ~ They will…2013

This beautiful winter engagement session was the perfect way to say goodbye to 2012.  Matt and Kristie I can't wait to see you again in June.   Thanks for hanging out in the cold with me :)

~ I heart my Second Shooters ~

What is a "Second Shooter" - if you're not a photographer,  this is, in a simple definition - an assistant I hire on wedding days. A second photographer who is paid to capture images alongside me to add dimension to the wedding coverage.   At least that's what they are paid to do.

What they are not paid to do, but end up doing anyway:

Check to see if I have anything in my teeth before I conduct formals.
Circle Keiner Plaza 14 times in my car when there is no where to park.
Stab their fingers pinning on boutonnieres. 
Ignore the smell of the beef jerky in my car.
Pretend not to be annoyed when I call home 5 times to check on the kids.
Be a meteorologist keeping me up to date on the weather. 
Turn my old crappy flash off and on 20 times to keep the battery charged because I refuse to spend the money on a new one. 
Make me laugh.
Let me vent about my aching back, drunk groomsmen, or crabby wedding planners.
Double and triple check lists, address', and directions.
Make sure there is an endless supply of Diet Pepsi at our reception table.
Give me a boost of confidence when I need it.
Walk through 3 feet of grass, mud, or wheat fields, with God knows what critters for a great shot.
Hang onto back of golf-carts I'm driving for dear life.
Keep me sane.
Don't judge me when I eat my chocolate wedding favor at the reception table and theirs.
Share funny stories about bridezillas of their past
Stand in front of ; the cake, the altar, the dance floor, to "check my light"  only to have those pictures end up on my blog :)

So thank you to my 2012 team - Carol, Drew, Kate, Sara, Erica, Jen, the other Jen, Kelly, Chantel, Alecia, Stephanie, Kim, Joanna, Chris, Kate, and Stephen.

I am forever grateful for every single one of you  Thank you for being my friend and helping me have fun while I work.  Let's have an awesome 2013. 

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