Hey guys! My computer got a MAJOR virus so things for me are really crazy. I have so much fun stuff to post....3 engagement sessions, 2 maternity sessions, and a wedding. But until I can get my computer fixed and working things might be a little slow over here! But please check back in a week or so, I should be back up and running by then (I hope :)

P.S. No worries clients, your images are fine I am the back-up QUEEN!

~ Meet Katy ~

I met Katy when I shot her sisters wedding earlier this year! I was very happy her family hired me again :)

Katy is on the dance team at Granite City High School, I was on that same Dance Team a little over 10 years ago, back then it was called a "Pom Squad" - I am always shocked at how quickly the styles change...I asked if they ever wore our old pom uniforms and she said.... "Yeah on OLD SCHOOL day" Man... I felt like a dinosaur! So here is Katy in her dance team uniform, She's into photography herself so she was really natural in front of the camera. ...only a Granite City girl can make corn-stalk look good!Her boyfriend even tagged along for moral support!
~ Jessica and Kevin ~

These guys are also home-town folk! But they got married in St Louis at the beautiful Shrine of St Joseph.

When Jessica walked down the aisle her great grandma just burst out sobbing, it was the sweetest thing I've ever seen.
Night shot!
Elevator Shot! Thank you Jessica and Kevin your wedding was a blast, and it was great seeing so many familiar faces, Kristen thanks for assisting me all day your rock!

So, so Sad.

I'm sure by now most of you have heard about the horrible plane crash involving Travis Barker and DJ AM. They are both in critical condition with severe burns. This photo was taken hours before the accident.The photo below was taken by me earlier this year. DJ AM came to town to spin at a club and I was asked to shoot. This image is one of my favorite images of all time, it's featured on my website. I love everything about it, the color, the movement of his hand, everything.

He is currently in a medically induced coma with severe burns to his face. I cannot imagine what his friends and family are going through, as well as those who lost their life in the crash.

Anyway, he is a super nice, down to earth guy and we should all be praying for he and Travis' recovery.

~Matt & Jill~

You might not know her face, but you know her voice from her many years as "Lipps" on Z107.
As soon as Jill (a.k.a. Lipps) called me for her wedding I knew it would be a blast because radio people know how to party!

I was also excited because she booked Sabrina (seen below "fluffing") who is one of the best wedding coordinators I've ever worked with!The happy couple!
Jill's dad giving her away.

BIG bridal party!

This is my impression of Jill at her reception. Every song that the DJ played she would yell "This is my FAVORITE song" and run out on the dance floor!

She had the CUTEST kids in her wedding...Look behind this little guy on the floor to the right (just in front of the lady's shoe) and you will see a little puddle...he had just wee-wee'd on the floor! :)And of course, it's not a Kelly Manno wedding without some night shots! And a big thanks to Ashley & Alicea for shooting with me all day, you girls were great!

Tomorrow is the big day..."Move that Bus" Wednesday is the final wrap day for Extreme Home Makeover! I've had so much fun, I am so blessed that I was asked to shoot this project.
If you want to be part of the action come down and help yell "Move that bus" today between 1-3pm (which in Hollywood time means probably about 4:30) all the details are listed on their website listed in the earlier post.

* Hey Photographers - keep reading "shot party" info in this post!*
~Rachel and Joe~

My first wedding back from vacation was Rachel and Joe. I knew from their awesome engagement session that they would be an easy couple to shoot!
Their ceremony was at 9th street abby it had this great orange wall behind it :)

Yeah, kids love me, and I love them. This little guy was such a ham!

When I asked if they would get in the fountain they didn't even blink, they just started taking off their shoes! - Love that!


It's official, I get so many e-mails from photographers asking about night shots I will do my next "Shot Party" on city night shots. The tentative date will be Sunday Nov 16th. More details to come!!

I always shoot my night shots withouI always shoot my night shots without flash, I just find the light on my own...but sometimes you need a little help... When is doubt, ask parking attendants for help :)

Big thanks to Jodi for shooting with me, and my husbands awesome band for rocking the night away!

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