Amber & Bob we're married way back in May! I was clearing out some space on my computer and going thru old weddings and found these. Sometimes during the crazy busy wedding season you're so busy you don't even have time to stop and enjoy you're own work! So I thought I would post them anyway....3 months late :)

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! 2007 is going to be alot different for me. I will only be taking 3 weddings and 2 births per month, which means I'm already totally booked for some months and getting close on others. I have such a hard time saying no to people but my husband and 2 year old are going to go on strike if I don't spend more time at home! Here's how the weddings are looking for next year:

JAN - 1 spot open
FEB - 1 spot open
MARCH - 2 spots open
APRIL - 1 spot open
AUGUST - 1 spot open
SEPT - 1 spot open
OCT - 1 spot open
NOV - 2 spots open
DEC - 3 spots open

Just thought this might help those who are looking to book me!

Since August is kind of a slow month for me I'll post a couple of my personal favorite pictures!

My neice "Josie-Grosie"

My nephew "Monkey"

My dog Molly Sue

My other dog Daisy May

My little bubba...

This is baby Gracie, I did her birth photography over a month ago but I just wanted to show off that head full of hair!

Wow it's been a long couple weeks, what's that saying about bad luck...."When it rains it pours" things are slowly starting to get back on track, here is my most recent wedding of Rebecka and Aaron, probably one of the sweetest couples I've ever worked with.

I've seen some other photographers do this "through the grass" shot, I thought it was pretty nifty and gave it a try.

Really cool sunset!

Their honeymoon suite was in the same hotel as the reception so had to make them jump on the bed :) I think this was Aaron's favorite pose all day!

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