EPISODE 112 - Harvey Weinstein, Colin Kaepernick and F-Marry-Kill

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Hey guys! We're back after Kelly's near-death sickness last week to talk about all this good stuff in the news lately. Welcome back, friends!

So this loser got exposed as a sexual predator this week by no less than 20 or so Hollywood actresses who attended 'private meetings' with him in hotel rooms. Listen to find out how Kelly thinks they all should've handled this guy.

Also, we can't let the 'take a knee' thing get past us without weighing in. What do you think about it? Are they right to protest? Should they keep their jobs or does the NFL have the right to fire them?

Lastly, after all this heavy stuff, we end the show with a fun game of 'F-Marry-Kill'. See if your answers match ours - I think we were mostly on the same page with most of them!

Thanks for listening, kids! Don't forget, If you LIKE the show, SHARE the show! We'll see you next week!

EPISODE 111 - Producer Stephanie was staying in the Mandalay Bay hotel along with the Vegas shooter. Hear her account of what happened on the podcast.

The news is hard to watch these days, senseless tragedies like the one Las Vegas are impossible to wrap our head around. While a crazed gunman sat like a coward on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Vegas shooting innocent people, our own Producer Stephanie, and her husband Josh, were on vacation, staying in the same hotel. They had recently returned to their hotel room when the gunfire started.  They were put on lock down overnight, the SWAT team swept their hotel room, they were using a scanner to get all of their information. Stephanie and Josh were nice enough to sit down with us and tell us their story. Below is a text message between Stephanie and her friend who was also in the same hotel. 

We spend the rest of this show trying to talk out this horrible tragedy, we just love our Stephanie so much and we are so happy that she and her husband are safe. All of our love, thoughts, and prayers go to those who are suffering the loss of loved ones, as well as our first responders who deserve our utmost love and respect.
(Stephanie and her husband, Josh, the day of the shooting)

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