EPISODE 103 - The episode where we talked about boobs

You guys, its the show all of you have been waiting for! Well, maybe some of you. We finally talk about boobs! Well, kindof. More on that in a minute...

Kelly's kids are home on summer vacation and keeping plenty busy! They just discovered last week that her youngest daughter Libby Lu is quite the talented ventriloquist! Kelly's working on getting her a puppet and developing this newfound talent. Look for her on a future episode of 'America's Got Talent'! 

Next, we're weighing in on bras. Kelly is in the camp of the bra-haters. She'd go bra-less everywhere if it were socially acceptable and is in full 'support' of ditching social norms on the so-called torture devices. Producer Stephanie (thankfully, the only other bra-wearer on the show) loves a great bra and has done copious amounts of research to find just the right ones. Whats your thoughts on the bra? Necessary evil or woman's best friend? Should it be socially acceptable to go bra-less if you've got boobs bigger than an A-cup? 

Our friend and famous white Branco bandit, OJ Simpson, is up for parole next month after being imprisoned for nine years following a conviction for his role in a 2007 Las Vegas hotel room incident where they were allegedly trying to steal OJ sports memorabilia at gunpoint. What do you think ol' Juice will do once he's out of prison for good? TV show? Another book deal? A Podcast??

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EPISODE 102 - The Great STL Bicycle Debate, do bike riders belong on the street? Or should they stay in parks?

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We're back again, kids! If you were with us live on Monday, you got to see the whole show on Facebook Live! If you catch us live, be sure to comment and let us know you're there - we love to hear from you guys about our show topics so chime in! 

This week, Kelly and Hoss gave a recap of the Granite City Carnie and their time in the 'I Dood It' tent. Man, some people get really serious about the game and prizes. 

Next, Kelly voices her annoyance with bicyclists on the road in St. Louis. Now, we all know that STL isn't the most bike-friendly place and bike lanes are only in certain areas. No one likes getting caught behind a cyclist and having to go 5mph behind them until you can pass, but what are the rules for biking on a main road? Should they stick to the sidewalks? Are we all overreacting and road-raging for no reason?

Did you guys see the story about the Kansas City man that was exonerated after 17 years in prison over a mistaken identity? The resemblance between this guy and the real criminal is unreal. Check out the story here. 

Then we somehow got to talking about our first cars and how crap-tastic they were and Kelly announces her brother's 'new' car that he is totally stoked about. Check out the sweet new ride!

Finally, some of our listeners will be sad to hear that the beloved reality show castoff series 'Bachelor in Paradise' has been suspended. (insert sad trombone). A contestant on the show has alleged that the producers of the show didn't protect her when she got totally wasted and made some ... ahem ... bad decisions. Read the full story here. Let us know if you need some emotional support for this loss...

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EPISODE 101 - Have you ever heard the story why Kelly hated Hoss for 10 years without him knowing...

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Hey there, party people! We're back again with episode 101 of the Kelly Manno Show! I know, we totally skipped blogging the 100th episode - but really, you just have to go back and listen to it for full effect. There's lots of pictures and video so when we get done sorting through all of it, we'll give you a nice little recap on the blog. OK? GEEZ GET OFF MY BACK! (ahem) In the meantime...

If you didn't know, we like to pimp out Kelly and Hoss for hosting events all over town. If there's a trivia night, event, bingo or church picnic around, we want to host it! This coming weekend, Kelly and Hoss get to go hang at the 'carne' in Granite City in the I Dood It tent! What the heck is 'I Dood It', you ask? In short, its a game, but you have to be from Granite City to know anything about it or its origins. Tune in to hear the details of what this game entails and where you can find us this weekend. Come hang out with us and maybe you can be the one shouting 'I Dood It'!

If you're interested in having Kelly and Hoss come host your event, you can email us at HeyKelly@KellyManno.com for info!

Next, we get to reminisce about the good ol' radio intern days where Kelly and Hoss first met. Did you know that Kelly had a grudge against Hoss for about 10 years and he had no idea? Good times...

Also, we found out that Mary Kay Letourneau and her Husband/Former Student, Vili Fualaau filed for a separation this week. They're claiming its for 'tax purposes' for his business but people seem to think that its really over. Its been over 20 years, a few kids and a prison sentence or two... but are these two 'meant to be'?

Guys, do you remember Chico and the St. Louis Six? Those cows that busted out of their slaughter truck and made a run for freedom? (check out episode 95 for the whole story). We got some great news today - The Gentle Barn has raised enough money to start a Gentle Barn in St. Louis! YAY!! We know its partly because of the listeners of the Kelly Manno Show, so we wanted to give you guys a huge Thank You for helping to make this possible! Jay and Ellie are just the best and we know that this is a huge win for the St. Louis animal-loving community! They'll always need donations, so if you can, go to their website to contribute to help the St. Louis Six and keep operations going in STL. Congrats Gentle Barn!

Lastly, Kelly started roller derby. Yep. It happened. She attended her first practice this week with the St. Chux Derby Chix and what an experience it was! Tune in to hear the run down of how a practice goes with the most badass girl athletes you've ever seen.

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