EPISODE 103 - The episode where we talked about boobs

You guys, its the show all of you have been waiting for! Well, maybe some of you. We finally talk about boobs! Well, kindof. More on that in a minute...

Kelly's kids are home on summer vacation and keeping plenty busy! They just discovered last week that her youngest daughter Libby Lu is quite the talented ventriloquist! Kelly's working on getting her a puppet and developing this newfound talent. Look for her on a future episode of 'America's Got Talent'! 

Next, we're weighing in on bras. Kelly is in the camp of the bra-haters. She'd go bra-less everywhere if it were socially acceptable and is in full 'support' of ditching social norms on the so-called torture devices. Producer Stephanie (thankfully, the only other bra-wearer on the show) loves a great bra and has done copious amounts of research to find just the right ones. Whats your thoughts on the bra? Necessary evil or woman's best friend? Should it be socially acceptable to go bra-less if you've got boobs bigger than an A-cup? 

Our friend and famous white Branco bandit, OJ Simpson, is up for parole next month after being imprisoned for nine years following a conviction for his role in a 2007 Las Vegas hotel room incident where they were allegedly trying to steal OJ sports memorabilia at gunpoint. What do you think ol' Juice will do once he's out of prison for good? TV show? Another book deal? A Podcast??

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