EPISODE 104 - Hoss wins for the worst date EVER.

Kids, what did we all do before the internet? Or smart phones? or GPS? There's a narrow generation that knows what its like to grow up without these things but will spend the majority of their adult life WITH them. Do you remember the days when no one could just call you wherever you were or look up the movie times from their pocket? What do you remember most about the "time before wifi"?

Next we all get regaled with the tale from Hoss' Friday night date. Trust us, if YOU think you've had some bad dates, you ain't heard nothin' yet. This is one you simply must hear to believe! Let's just say it can be summed up like this: 

Finally, we read this story about a fashion blogger in Paris that was randomly killed when a whipped cream can exploded, hit her in the chest and caused a heart attack. It got us talking about accidents and ways that the most random days can turn into your last. Don't worry, to end on a happy note, we go over a few lines that can be said to someone at a funeral OR during sex. Just in case you're in need of a few things that have a dual purpose...

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