~ Happy Memorial Day ~

I hope you had an amazing Memorial Day with your family.  The older I get the more I enjoy Holidays where you don't have to "do" anything.   No presents to buy, no dragging your kid around the neighborhood begging for candy,  just a lot of family time, and a lot of food.   I spent the day at my parents house with the people I love the most.  Somewhere between my second and third helping of chocolate lasagna I was able to edit the lovely family sessions I shot last weekend.  (oh yes, chocolate lasagna is a real thing and it's fabulous - here is the recipe

I have a cousin and a nephew who serve our country, and a second nephew who leaves in June.   I'm very aware that freedom isn't free and I want to thank all those who selflessly serve our country.   Happy Memorial Day. 

~ Melissa and Freddie ~ MARRIED!

Everyone deserves to have a friend like Melissa.   She moved in down the street from me when she was 10 years old.   I instantly loved her and proclaimed her as my new best friend.   She didn't have a whole lot of say in the matter.  I think our first conversation went something like this. 

"Hi,  I'm Kelly, and you are the only other girl on this street so you're my new best friend, got it?"

I loved Melissa the way a toddler loves a stinky little blanket they drag around.  Oh yes,  she is going to love than analogy LOL.  But I can explain, she was my security,  my safe-place,  our friendship was effortless, and I drug her with me everywhere I went.   It didn't matter that she was 2 years younger, or that we were complete and utter opposites.  All that mattered was that I loved her and she loved me, and if I was going to Walgreens at 10:30 on a school night, she needed to get her ass out of bed and come with me. 
Over the years our families became very close.  Our Dads are best friends, our Moms are best friends, our Daughters are best friends.    

I know when you're raising little girls your supposed to teach them to avoid using words like "best friends" because it might send some other little girl crying across the room.   But dude, this girl is my best friend. 

She let me have it over my last post when I was whining about "always wanting a sister" after all, I'm  positive that we are either blood-sisters, spit sisters, or both.   If you grew up in the 80's, you know what each of those disgusting ceremonies entail.  :)

Melissa's Dad had a terrible stroke about 9 years ago.  He wasn't able to walk her down the aisle, but he waited for her at the end of it, and the expression on his face made me completely lose it.   I still get choked up just looking at the pictures. 
Melissa asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding.  But after some begging and pleading,  she let me trade in my bridesmaid dress for a camera.  Sure, there are plenty of other wonderful photographers in this area who could have captured her wedding beautifully.  But you see, Melissa has  the worst luck on the planet, and if something's going to go wrong, it's going to be to her.  I didn't want anyone else steering the ship on her wedding day but me, and I promise, she liked it that way. 
Besides, she already had a whole team of beautiful ladies to support her.  After all, a girl can have more than one best friend, and these ladies have been such a beautiful support system for her over the years.  I know many of them worked very hard to make her wedding day flawless, and they all love her just as much as I do. 
I have no idea what these shenanigans are...I was in charge of the girls, LOL
I love you Melissa Ann, Lyss, Missy, Lil Sis, and I love Freddie too.   I love your friends and family and I love how much they love you.  No one deserves happiness more than you and our friendship always makes me smile.  Your wedding day was perfect,  just like you deserved.  
My whole family got to hang out and enjoy the festivities as well :) 
And now,  turn your speakers up for the slideshow :)

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