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 Kellys earliest memory of getting in trouble was in 1st grade at her Catholic school. A kid  named Danny said she couldn't play soccer with the boys at recess. So she kicked him in the balls. That gave her a one way ticket to the nuns office, her punishment was writing  25 sentences that said "I I will not kick boys in the private area" Not much has changed since then. Shes still 5 feet of dynamite and whatever pops in her head comes spilling out of her mouth, which is part of the charm her audience loves her for.  She couldn't live without rap music, fountain soda and lip gloss. Talk to her for 10 minutes and you'll swear you've known her 10 years. She is the best friend you never knew you had.

If sarcasm and inappropriate commentary were an olympic sport, you’d be looking at its undefeated gold medal winner.  Hoss is not one to hold his tongue, or let his brain filter what he’s going to say before he says it.  Often times it leads to some rather shocking and unintended comedy.  Always the easiest person to spot in a crowd, Hoss doesn’t shy away from the spotlight and isn’t afraid to say or do the stuff that most peoples inner voice would tell them probably isn’t the best idea to say or do.  It takes a special kind of crazy to balance Kelly, and luckily she found him with Hoss.  Mutual passion of all things pop culture, sports, music, and life make Hoss a great co-host for the show. His day job in the world of Rock N’ Roll always ends up with some interesting stories to tell, and some fun celebrity encounters to discuss.  Hoss has been in a loving relationship with his girlfriend Britney for 10 years, although she might be unaware of it.  
Producer Stephanie is our resident blog-writer, researcher and the one thinking of ways to keep Kelly and Hoss out of jail when they run their stunts. She's never without a wifi connection and loves to play the devil's advocate and offer another point of view on show topics and discussions. Though she doesn't have kids to keep up with, she's never bored and fills her free time with baking, dance classes and plenty of freelance website building. And Netflix. Of course, Netflix. 

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