Ameristar Casino has a new nightclub called "Home" - They had their big opening this week and I was asked to shoot the red carpet!

It was sooo much fun, I was literally in this paparazzi "pit", and the celebs come out for about 60 seconds and your job is to get them to look at you in those 60 seconds while all the other photographers are trying to do the same thing! You have zero control over lighting or anything like that, which is very weird for a wedding/portrait photographer.

The club itself is amazing you have to check it out, but they have a strict dress code so look your best :)


(My name is Earl, Emmy winner)


(That 70's show)


(Has the monster hit "cyclone" on the radio right now)OZZIE SMITH & FRIENDS
(No explanation needed :)DOUG E. FRESH

(Famous rapper and Legendary Beat Boxer)CISCO ADLER

(Um...dated Misha Barton and has a really gross picture on the Internet?) RYAN HOWARD

(MLB's Rookie of the year, plays for the Phillies)


(That 70's show)

(Former MTV Veejay)


Fact: During this photo I yelled "Hey Slick Rick nice hat"

Fact: Slick Rick is not the one in the hat..oops


(The both have or had shows on E! and one of them has a famous naughty tape)

Each night they also invited us in the club to the VIP section to get "party shots" of all the stars. I just couldn't do it, the red carpet alone kept me out until midnight and I have 2 babies to get home to. But I did sneak in one night long enough to get some killer shots of DJ A.M doing his thing. He is currently one of the best DJ's world and it was so cool to see him work up close! I love this shot!

I am so blessed.
I am so blessed.
I am so blessed.
Merry Christmas

Exciting news for 2008 Brides and other clients! Not only will you receive everything included in your contracted package, I am now adding web-hosting to all my sessions.

This means that all your images will be posted online to share with friends and family, as well as place orders. You will all still receive your CD of images,and you are welcome to print wherever you like. But for those who don't want the hassle of printing their selves, I will now do it for you!
I've used my latest engagement session as an example, you can click the link below and see how it's set up.

***NOTE*** Please remember the images hosted online are low-resolution for web-hosting only. In other words, they will look a little grainy & digital. They do not represent the color and sharpness of the actual prints you will receive. (Click on Carrie and Drew it is NOT password protected)

Here are a few of my favorites!

And these are way overdue, but I did some Christmas portraits for the Hamilton family! I also did this baby girls Birth-Story one year ago this month :)

What do you do when it snows 6 inches the day of your engagement shoot? Duh - you play in it :) I had soooo much fun with Carrie and Drew today, not only did they agree to shoot in the snow, we even went ice-skating! Check back in a couple days for more from their session, and an exciting announcement for all my 2008 brides!

...and they're gone! I filled up all 5 B-pic slots! If anyone else is interested please still e-mail me, because if I have enough interest I will add a second date!

Yay For another hometown wedding! I love shooting in Granite City - this is Jamie and Todd, I've known Jamie since 7th grade, it was neat to not just "attend" her wedding, but be there with her all day to see every aspect of it! Todd and his boys.
Jamie and the girls, who I also grew up with! Todd's daughter Sam broke down when Jamie came down the aisle, it was soooo sweet.It was suppose to be freezing rain all day, but what do ya know...the weather men were wrong...again!

Jamies mom got a little emotional during the toast, but who could blame her. This was one of the most emotional weddings I've ever shot, myself and my assistant both cried at different times of the day. This was my first wedding with my new 5D and it did not disappoint! I'm also using off camera lighting at the receptions as well and it's made a HUGE difference! My rock star second shooter than day was Jenny - Love ya girl!

Couple business notes for ya:

I have planned a Boudoir Marathon at the Ritz Carlton on Sunday Feb 17th. I have 2 slots left if you want them please contact me as soon as possible. (NOTE - you do not have to be a "current" bride to do these, anyone is welcome)

The details are:
1 hour shoot (up to 3 outfits)
1 high-res CD with printing rights
1 set of 4x6 proofs

Click the HERE for a sample of my last sessions (Have your speakers on)

Also, sadly one of my September brides has called of her wedding. Which means I now have a September opening. I have turned down ALOT of September brides, so if you're reading this and one of them you might want to check with me again.

COMING SOON *** Pics of Todd & Jamie's wedding!

Clients have no a little letter like this just makes my day, and reminds me why I do this for a living! (Thank you Stephanie :)


I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks again so much for everything you did to make our wedding pictures AMAZING.

Our wedding was May 12, 2007 and I am STILL seeing pictures that make me stop in my tracks and say "Wow, I don't remember that one, that's awesome too!" You take amazing shots and you make everything as relaxing and laid back as possible which is a great relief on such a busy day.

So ,thank you thank you thank you for everything you are and I can't wait to use your services again.

With much appreciation,

Stephanie Holst

P.S. I've told everyone I know about you and even posted a bulletin on my myspace
telling my friends to check out my pictures and shouted your praises. A friend I went to highschool with was so impressed that she emailed me immediately after she got engaged for your contact information.

P.S.S The picture on your blog of Baby Meredith's grandparent's relief actually brought me to tears. You captured their emotion. Amazing

Happy Anniversary to me! Love you baby! 4 years and counting!Obviously I got married when the "poof" dresses were in style, look at how ridiculous this dress is! It's bigger than me! But I loved it, and I rocked it! Me & my girls!
My photographer was Gina. Who inspired me in more ways than she knows to start my own business. She is the best!

Okay HUGE post here, I'm going to have to break this up into 2 parts!
First is baby Meredith! I shot her Mommy and Daddy's wedding as well! It's so cool to see my Bride and Grooms transition from husband and wife to parents.I won't go into her story but Meredith is a miracle it was fitting that this little angel was watching over her in her NICU crib!I took this shot of her Grandma and Grandpa in the waiting room upon hearing the good news that baby Meredith was going to be "okay" it was one of the most emotional moments I've ever been a part of...Here she is happy & healthy at home! for the family sessions. First of all I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get these up! Fall is soooo busy for me I have been working around the clock trying to crank these all out!

If anyone is wanting family photo sessions next year the time to contact me is NOW I am already taking bookings and filling up for next year (Spring and Fall). Next year I am only taking 6 per month and once they're gone they're gone. There is a non-refundable $25 deposit to hold your spot.

Please don't call me the last week of October I will not be able to get you in :)

Okay here they come!!!

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