So, I've been a tad bit busy the past 2 weeks with 11 portrait sessions (1 Family, 2 Maternity, 3 Seniors and 6 Engagements) - and a marathon Boudoir session with my friend Sarah (we shot 9 girls) - so I have been in power edit mode the last week. Oh yeah and I'm 9 months pregnant :)

The only fair thing to do is post one of each (except the B-pics those will be a whole other post :)

Maternity leave is so close I can smell it :)

A couple prayers for my birth mommy Tasha please, her hubby is serving in Iraq and with any luck might make it home for the birth. If not, I hope my video makes him feel like he was :)

7/7/07 was the most popular wedding date of the decade. I was lucky enough to book Justin and Jessica :) Funny story...when Jessica and I agreed to meet way back last year, I told her to meet me at 7:00 at a local Starbucks....the day of the meeting my phone rang at about 7:15 in the morning and it was Jessica wanting to know if I was on my way :) I had meant PM she thought I meant AM - at the time I was still in my pajamas with a one year old on my lap eating cheerios and watching blues clues. So I apologized and asked her to come back that night....I thought for sure she would hate me!!! But she didn't and she booked me, and I was so happy she did!I got to spend some time with the girls in the hotel room early that day, it took about 4 girls to figure out the back of her dress! The guys were total studs and knew how to "work it" :)

And here are a couple pics of the hot couple :)

They really had a beautiful wedding, not one detail was overlooked. For example, their names monogrammed in lights on the dance freaking cool it that?I also got the opportunity to work with a great second shooter Jonathan Hanson who did a great job, if any photog's are looking I can get you his info!

I swear I'm not a slacker, my Internet has been screwed up for almost 2 weeks so it's been hard to get anything posted on here :(

On June 23rd I shot the wedding of Neely and Nick, who we're too cute for words, they are both baseball fans, and they met working in the minor leagues! So you'll notice a theme here...
I love this pic of Neely getting ready to put on her dress....

We had a little rain to deal with but that's never bothered me... just bring out the big umbrellas! After hitting the landing, we headed to Busch Stadium...

A game had just ended so we were able to sneak in for just a couple shots...
At their reception they hired the Smash Band. Being and old radio gal this made me really happy, not only do they play great music but they also entertain you. Smash is always a crack up on the mic and they keep the party going all night long! lastly a big thank you to my assistant Dorinda (pictured below...he he) with who always does a great job! And a big welcome to the world for Baby Jake.
His Mom and Dad have a really neat story. After the birth of their daughter they always wanted to make her a big sister. After years of heartache and failed infertility treatments they had pretty much given up.....
But surprise....15 years later God had other plans and they welcomed this beautiful baby boy into their lives.Just your daily reminder that Gods plan in perfect...even if sometimes we don't understand it. I am so blessed to get to work with such awesome people, they inspire me and remind me why I do this for a living.

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