"...and I'm back"

I'm back. From a very overdue family vacation. My husband, myself and the kids headed for the beaches of Florida. Before we left I took a minute to think about what I wanted this vacation to include. Laptop computer? Nope. "Facebooking" every movement I make? Nope. Spending every single second with my family no matter how much we drive each other crazy? Yep :)

I have alot of exciting news and announcements to share with everyone soon, as well as a ton more vacation photos to show. But I am pooped, so I will leave you with this.

My daughter, Luci, is a nudist. The girl just hates clothes. I told her if she was good the whole car ride down the first thing I would do was strip her nekkid and let her go streaking on the beach.

And she was...so she did.... in nothing but her pink bow.


I will be out of the office Wednesday June 24th-Tuesday June 30th. I will not be checking e-mail or phone messages during that time. Where am I??? What am I doing??? Only time will tell :) But I promise when I return I will have lots of exciting news to share with everyone!

~ Leanne and Jared ~

Leanne is one of my "date changer" brides. When she called last year to book me for her wedding I wasn't available, so she moved her entire wedding to another date just to have me :) I'm always flattered when brides do this, but then also a bit nervous because alot is expected of me.

When I walked in the church and saw this huge beautiful window I fell in love with it...then became a bit obsessed with it :)
The window again :)

Really fun, relaxed ceremony.During this series of beach photos I tried to do this really romantic shot where Leanne jumps into his arms and gives him a big smooch! Instead she demolished his boutonniere and busted open his lip! It was hysterical (at least to me and Leanne) poor Jared did the whole first dance with a bleeding lip.Thank you Leanne and Jared for letting me be a big part of your big day, and thank you to my assistant Caylee for doing a great job as well.

~ 3 times the fun ~

A couple months ago I put out a "call" on this blog. I was looking for any mommy pregnant with triplets and I would do a newborn session free of charge. Simply because I thought it would be fun, challenging, and nice to give back to someone who's probably a little too busy to deal with photos on their own. (Plus I got to play with 3 squishy babies all at once)

I was happy when Misti and Dale answered my call and a couple weeks ago I finally got to meet their 3 precious boys.

Now... if anyone out there is having quads or more...give me a call :)

~ Trina and Tom ~

It never ceases to amaze me how blessed I am. Blessed to work with wonderful, caring, down to earth brides and grooms who make my job easy. Sometimes I hear horror stories from other photographers and the brides they have to deal with and I count my lucky stars that I get to work with great couples like Trina and Tom....Enjoy!
Thank you to my friend and fellow photographer Von for shooting with me. Thank you to my former Bride and Groom Angie and Kit for this great referral!

~ 2 Engagement shoots in the Loop ~

Last week I shot back to back engagement shoots in the Loop! First up is Amanda and Jim. They are from my hometown and Jim is the older brother of my best friend Julie, so I've known him forever. Amanda was also a fellow figure skater with me growing up and even my "duet partner" for one ice show, we skated to Elvis' "Don't be Cruel" and we rocked! I still have the video, but it won't be on here anytime soon :)

Up next, Deanna and Adam. I am shooting their wedding later this year and I couldn't be more excited! Deanna is adorable and Adam really loves her, I originally wasn't available to shoot their wedding...but let's just say Adam is very sneaky and jumped through a few hoops to get me to do it :) I'm glad he did.

~The Goodwin Family~

Here are a couple quick shots from the Goodwin Famliy and their cute kiddos! Up next on the blog 2 very sassy engagement shots (Yes Amanda and Deanna that means you )

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