~ Nicole and Grant ~ Married! Kelly Manno Photography

Question: "Are you related to Mike Manno?"  - Me: Which one? There are 3 of them :) 
Question: "Are you related to Paul Manno?" - Me: Yes, like all 10 of them :)

I married into a large Italian family and sometimes I feel like I am related to half of Missouri. But I know for SURE that this beautiful bride is my husband's cousin, Nicole Manno, now Nicole Reed.  And yes, her Dad is one of the many Mike Mannos. 

Everything was pretty rushed at the hotel and I had about 2 minutes and literally 5 square feet of space to shoot some bridal beauty shots of Nicole. 

Lucky for her, I work great under pressure. 
Lucky for me, she was stunning. 

The Groom wasn't too bad himself. They look like the Ken & Barbie bride and groom you buy at the store, right?
Grant and Nicole had 2 Best Men and 2 Maids of Honor so we had plenty of 
heartwarming and hysterical toasts to get us through the evening. 
I just love this picture. 
Congratulations Nicole and Grant, I have so many more beautiful photos to share with you!

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