Happy Halloween!  

Love, Luci


Libby Lu, 

…and Mommy….Meow!  One time when I was little my Aunt Linda dressed as a clown for Halloween.  As a kid I thought it was the coolest thing ever to see a grown up dressed up.   Because of that I promised myself I will always dress up while my kids are little.   And a Cat is a perfect is excuse to wear my yoga pants for the 3rd day in a row. 
P.S.  Daddy was there as well, but after a long week at work he trick or treated as a "Tired Business Man"  :)  And spent half the night carrying our poor little cowgirl who kept tripping over her horse.


~ Jennie & Shawn ~ MARRIED!

It's not everyday I have to put my car on a ferry boat to get to a wedding, but this day was an exception.
Jennie and Shawn said "I do" at her parents gorgeous property in Golden Eagle Illinois.  The setting was breathtaking, at one point I remember asking Jennie's mom if she would adopt me so I could live there with them.  I promised my kids were well behaved :) 
I saw this note lying on the bed.  It was dated 16 years ago and handwritten by her Grandma, it read:

 "Jenny, this is your Great Grandmothers Hankie, carry it on your wedding day, Love Granny"

I took a photo, knowing the gravity of the moment as I just lost my Grandma a couple years ago and delicately asked  

"How long has it been since your Grandma passed away?"

Jennie was like  

"Dude she's not dead, she's in the next room" 

We both got a good laugh out of it and it made the story even better. 
Check out this tall drink of water ;)  He and Jennie make such a fun couple,  I just adored them.
I'm not a personal fan of detail shots.  I take them at weddings because I should, but I would always rather take photos of people than things.   However, her parents property had so much unique character, and Jennie put so much attention to detail in her decor I found myself snapping away. 
Doesn't ever little girl dream of getting married in her parents backyard?

~ Kacy and Chris ~ ENGAGED!

~ Ramie & Matt ~ ENGAGED!

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