~ Katie and Jacob ~ MARRIED!

Congratulations to Katie and Jacob are in order after their beautiful September wedding.   These two had so much to stress out about before the wedding - it made the pressure of the actual day a piece of cake.   

Due to some scheduling conflicts and a big mistake by the airline, they actually had to take their honeymoon 2 weeks before their wedding!   On top of that, Katie had some emergency medical problems just days before (why do we even have an appendix anyway?) -  But here she is, all smiles, ready to marry the man of her dreams. 
One of the first things I noticed about Katie was how many beautiful, caring women she had in her life to support her.   It was clear that she had strong relationships with all of them: her mom, her grandma, her sister, her bridesmaids.  It was definably a room filled with love and support for their girl. 
Katie and Jacob are both Doctors.   They met in school.   This was the first time they were presented as "Dr. & Dr. Sherer" in lieu of "Mr. & Mrs." - It sounded so cool, I loved it.

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