Ep. 120 The White Trash circus in St Louis (AKA The Eric Greitens scandal)

Ep. 119 - A boob flew out at the Olympics. Kellys car sticker is 8 months expired....and counting.

Listen to "Ep 119 - A boob flew out at the Olympics. Did you see it?  Also, Kellys sticker on her car is 8 months expired." on Spreaker.

So we had planned to record a show tonight and then traffic got in the way. So when Kelly buzzed through the door, we started the show in literally 7 seconds with no prep. Surprise!

Of course, we talked about the most recent school shooting in Florida and a bit about gun laws and rights. We know this is a very polarizing subject in America right now and Kelly and Hoss are both trained and responsible gun owners. Listen in to hear our take on the state of things. 

After that, we welcome Wes and Lacey to the show to talk about the Olympics - mostly figure skating. I swear I NEVER saw any body part fly out of a wardrobe malfunction on the ice this week! Do you think they should've been allowed to start over after fixing the dress? 

Thanks to you all for listening! We love you guys and we LOVE it when you leave us a great review on iTunes! If you LIKE the show, SHARE the show! See you next week!

Ep. 118 - The disappearance and death of Kelly Steiniger.

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