What a beautiful day on 9/16! The perfect day for a wedding and Laura and Kevin were great to work with! Plus is was at one of my favorite places to shoot the Piper Palm House in Tower Grove Park!

Did you know if you take your wedding party to Ted Drews it's free ice cream for your whole party???

I love this shot below because it was a "Hail Mary" shot. While I was setting up another shot I just stuck my camera down on the bricks and pressed the shutter without even looking. Sometime ya just get lucky!

I'm still alive!!!

Just recuperating from the craziest 2 weeks of my life, 3 babies, 3 weddings, moving into a new house, and being Matron of Honor in my best friends wedding.....

I need some sleep...lots of bloggin coming at ya by the end of the week!

Okay I can squeeze in a couple of baby Jenny before I go to bed...

Probably one of my favorite shots of all time...

My photographer friends would be so proud....I've been really challenging myself to shot in "natural light" only....no flash! I LOVE it! By the way if any photographers are reading this and you don't have a 50mm lens yet...don't walk, run to your nearest camera store and get one...you won't regret it!

Babies! Babies! Babies! Welcome to the world Baby Brooke, Baby Jenna, and Baby Reed!

I've been really busy this week because Ch. 5 re-aired the "Show me St. Louis" that featured my Birth Photography, then Ch. 2 featured the Birth Story I did on Mandy Murphey on the air and on their brand new website... all in the same week!!! (go to their website to see Mandy's full video www.myfoxstl.com) - So what do you know, I got flooded with calls and had 3 babies born in 5 days, 2 of them were in the middle of the night! So I am worn out and need to catch up on sleep because I have a wedding tomorrow!

Here's a couple shots from "Baby Brooke" - she was the first baby born so I already have some of her images ready.

Just a quick peek at the Rodgers family. I had so much fun at their shoot! I think this cooler weather puts everyone in a better mood! I'm so over shooting in 100 degree weather! Whooo hoooo! Here comes fall!

Who wants my house??? Seriously it's for sale. My husband and I found our dream home so this one has to go. I literally cried when they put the for sale sign in the yard. This house has been so good to us. It's the Hazelwood West area, great starter home for around $130,000. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, huge finished basement. We're having an open house this Sunday from 2-4. For more info you can call my realtor Ruth at 314-704-1599.

Whew! 4 photo sessions today! 2 Engagements and 2 Maternity. I've just begun editing but I wanted to stick up a few of my faves before the week gets too crazy! This is Paula and Chris who I totally clicked with, their wedding will be a blast for sure!

My favorite shot of the day...

I've know Jennifer since 6th grade so I am really happy to be shooting her wedding next month! Plus we're shooting it in my hometown of Granite City IL!

That's hot...

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