"What's up my butt?"

Ever show up at a friends house, to promote a new video project....and end up with a bunch of stuff up your butt? No? Then clearly you're not friends with Kelly Manno.

Our guest today is Kyle Walton, who found himself as a participant in the "Whats up my Butt?" game....He played along side Hoss who got a big ole' goose egg. ZERO out of 4 right. But Kyle was victorious correctly guessing he had a remote control up his butt. 

Kyle is promoting his new video project where he is shooting 30 videos in 30 days, you can check it out HERE

We also had a crazy discussion about first names. According to new research your first name tells people ALOT about you. For the record we just want to apologize now if your name is Anthony, Zach, or Kim. We didn't make the list. 

If you're a guy and you want to find out what your name means click below.

If you're a girl click below

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