Ep. 80 - We have a big announcement, the crew talks about their Thanksgiving break, and we break down the "Hatchimals" craze!!

Sorry if the blog is a little naked today. Producer Stephanie has the day off!

Everyone is moving in slow motion today, a.k.a "dragging ass" - after a 4 day break it's hard to get going.

Hoss spent his second Thanksgiving with Kellys family. Hoss and Jimmy try to explain the craziness of Kellys family and how it all seems to work.  Their biggest tip....don't get involved in the fights! LOL
The Hatchimal craze is in FULL effect. Both of Kellys girls are asking for one which is making for some crazy shenanigans to get their hands on them!

Finally, our big announcement. The Kelly Manno show is moving to MORNINGS!  Monday mornings to be exact. Now you can enjoy the Kelly Manno show every Monday LIVE at KellyManno.com tune in for the first one on Monday December 5th at 7am!

Ep. 79 - Angela LaRocca and Benjamin Hochman are in the studio, we are talking sports, Thanksgiving, and a hilarious new mouth guard challenge!

Its a full studio today at the Kelly Manno Show! We've got two special guests today and they just happen to be a St. Louis Power Couple. Angela LaRocca is an actress/director extraordinaire and Benjamin Hochman is a sports columnist for the hometown paper, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

First off, BIG congrats to Highly Suspect, the band Hoss reps, on dropping their new album, The Boy Who Died Wolf, and for having the #1 single in the country today, My Name Is Human! These guys are truly talented and the song is awesome. Pick it up on iTunes or your music-player-of-choice by visiting their website http://www.highlysuspect.net/.

Though we're SO OVER all the politics, we had to touch on Melania Trump coming out saying she won't move into the White House so her son can finish school in New York. She, in fact, may never live there! Is this a thing now where the White House is optional for the President? Tell us what you think! We also dug up the video of Trump going around with Rudy Giuliani in drag for some Press Roast years ago. Good stuff - check it out:

Angela talks about about the new movie that she directed, called 'Must Fool Everyone'. Kelly and her daughter, Luci, had a small part in the film, as well as Benjamin, who's part turned out to be rather revealing...

We next get to talk to Benjamin about being a sports writer at the Post-Dispatch and get his thoughts on St. Louis sports, players and coaches.

Also, Thanksgiving is here already this week so we're covering our family traditions for the big feast. Some low key, some a little crazy. Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?

And THEN! We bust out the mouth guards for a brand new round of the Mouth Guard Challenge! We did this one on Facebook live, so for the full experience, go to Kelly Manno on Facebook and check out the replay.

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Ep. 78 - What's the deal with hunting? Plus our phones work and we have CALLERS!

You guys, we did it! We figured out the phones and took CALLERS on today's Live show! Woo! We are so smart!

So, as you know, Kelly has her concealed carry license and carries a gun. She also has taken classes and continues to get educated on how to use it properly and in what scenarios its appropriate. Did you see the story about the Lake St. Louis man who is being charged with murdering a guy who was stealing his car? He apparently shot and killed the suspect as he was stealing his car in the middle of the night. Kelly says, as an educated gun owner, she would've never shot at the car. What do you think of these charges? Was he justified in shooting at someone stealing his property? 

Next we have Hoss' dad, Dan, in the studio along with our first-ever caller (!!!) to talk about hunting. Its hunting season in Missouri and Kelly can't get her mind wrapped around why anyone would want to do this. Clearly, hanging out in a tree stand for hours with no wifi is not her idea of fun. Dan talks about deer hunting and our caller, Matt, talks a bit about duck hunting and we try to get to the bottom of why this is even a thing. 

Then, after a most enlightening round of 'Would You Rather?', we get to Taylor Swift. It was bound to happen, guys. T Swizzle has released a photo of a DJ she is alleging went up her skirt and grabbed her butt in a photo op. He's denying the claim and says the photo is his best defense. Check out the photo here and let us know what you think!

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Ep 77 - Kelly got her son in trouble by the cops, PLUS who on the crew makes business phone calls while taking a dump?

We're getting the hang of this LIVE show, thing! Still no phone calls but we're working on that and it should be up soon. We had our good friend Chris Becker back on the show today to talk a little politics on the recent election and share our thoughts on the protests and craziness around it.

Next, Kelly recounts the story about getting her son in trouble with the cops. Let's just say it involves the Manno-mobile and window diving. You'll have to listen to get the full story - its a good one.

Lastly, we decided to play a game because we're all stressed about this stupid election and Producer Stephanie practically begged us. Check it out to hear the latest installment of 'Never Have I Ever' and find out some of the crazy things we have, and haven't, done.

Thanks again to Becker for hanging out with us!

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Ep.76 - F*** it! We'll do it Live! OUR FIRST LIVE SHOW!!!!

Oh, you faithful listeners of the Kelly Manno Show are in for a treat. If you heard us tonight, its because we did our very first LIVE show! Yes, friends, that means no do-overs, no edits, and no telling what will come out of Hoss' mouth. And someday soon, we'll actually be able to take real callers on these live shows and its gonna be awesome. Promise. Someday reeeeeeeal soon. 

More on that in a minute. 

Kelly spent the weekend at a hockey tournament with Rocky in Nashville and because of a recent fainting episode, she took along her mom for the drive and journey. Lets just say Kelly's had her fill of Family Feud episodes, for, oh... maybe forever. 

We also weighed in on the season premier of the Walking Dead and the World Series and how people are sooooo sensitive about spoilers on social media. Are you someone who begs your friends not to post spoilers until you can watch? 

Finally, Election Day is this Tuesday and we get a little patriotic for a minute talking about our great country and the fine folks we'll choose between to run it. Regardless of who you're for, its important to get out and VOTE on Tuesday, Nov. 8th! 

So, back to the call-in situation. If you didn't hear us live, it was a bit of a trainwreck with the phones, but we had SO MUCH FUN. We tried, kids, we really did! And we tested it before we went on the air but, in true Manno fashion, calamity ensued. If you stayed with us and listened through it all, BLESS YOU! We were laughing about it the whole time, so just know that this well-oiled machine of the Kelly Manno Show will be fully phone functional in the shows to come. 

THAT'S RIGHT! THERE WILL BE MORE! Get excited because with LIVE shows comes more games, more giveaways and more of who-knows-what going on in the studio behind a microphone. All unfiltered and awesome. Stay tuned!

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