Ep.76 - F*** it! We'll do it Live! OUR FIRST LIVE SHOW!!!!

Oh, you faithful listeners of the Kelly Manno Show are in for a treat. If you heard us tonight, its because we did our very first LIVE show! Yes, friends, that means no do-overs, no edits, and no telling what will come out of Hoss' mouth. And someday soon, we'll actually be able to take real callers on these live shows and its gonna be awesome. Promise. Someday reeeeeeeal soon. 

More on that in a minute. 

Kelly spent the weekend at a hockey tournament with Rocky in Nashville and because of a recent fainting episode, she took along her mom for the drive and journey. Lets just say Kelly's had her fill of Family Feud episodes, for, oh... maybe forever. 

We also weighed in on the season premier of the Walking Dead and the World Series and how people are sooooo sensitive about spoilers on social media. Are you someone who begs your friends not to post spoilers until you can watch? 

Finally, Election Day is this Tuesday and we get a little patriotic for a minute talking about our great country and the fine folks we'll choose between to run it. Regardless of who you're for, its important to get out and VOTE on Tuesday, Nov. 8th! 

So, back to the call-in situation. If you didn't hear us live, it was a bit of a trainwreck with the phones, but we had SO MUCH FUN. We tried, kids, we really did! And we tested it before we went on the air but, in true Manno fashion, calamity ensued. If you stayed with us and listened through it all, BLESS YOU! We were laughing about it the whole time, so just know that this well-oiled machine of the Kelly Manno Show will be fully phone functional in the shows to come. 

THAT'S RIGHT! THERE WILL BE MORE! Get excited because with LIVE shows comes more games, more giveaways and more of who-knows-what going on in the studio behind a microphone. All unfiltered and awesome. Stay tuned!

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