Ep. 75 - Does this look like a happy crew to you? Kelly and Producer Stephanie had terrible days, and Hoss was trapped in a room with them for an hour.

Guys, lets be honest. We all have crappy days now and then and, for some reason, we're all just in a terrible mood on today's show. Is it the weather? Is it hump day? Who knows. We hopefully managed a somewhat entertaining program today talking our usual gripes and the stuff that amazes us about other people.

Hoss' band had a great show last week! If you haven't yet, go see Highly Suspect on YouTube and the video for their song 'Lydia'. 

Also check out this awesome custom jersey Johnny wore for the show!
Photo: Steve Money, Money Shotz Photography

Did you guys see the guy in Miami that got accused of attempted murder? He has half a head!! See the full story here. Check out this guy's mugshot!!

We also did a little follow-up on our 'Flowers to Stan' prank. Listen to find out what happened! What should we send next? Get on the Kelly Manno Show Facebook Chat Group to give us your ideas!

Finally, we chatted about people habits or traits that amaze us. For Kelly, its people that can get up when their alarm goes off, no snooze. Check out her snoozed alarms! Producer Stephanie is amazed by people with air math skills and Hoss wonders about people who make the bed every morning (like, why??). Listen to hear the other things people are amazed by!

Speaking of snoozing, the Kelly Manno show is going to be off next week. October is super busy and we all need a little vaca to catch up on life and reset the mind. So no show next week, but this is a perfect time to binge listen! Go catch up on all the good stuff you've missed and re-listen to some of your favorites! And while you're going back to listen to all this awesomeness, go ahead and SHARE the show with some friends! Get them all caught up on our antics!

We'll be back in November feeling refreshed and ready to rock. See you then, guys!

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