Ep. 74 - Kelly had the worst weekend ever, we share our thoughts on the last debate, PLUS we send our pal, Stan Kroenke another gift by mail.

Happy day, kids! Its another episode of the Kelly Manno Show! Welp, Kelly had the worst weekend ever. Guess how many flat tires the Manno family can get in one day. On a happier note, our resident celebrity, Luci, has a new commercial on the airwaves this election season. Check out the adorable-ness below!

And speaking of election season... That's right, we get right into talking about the debate on Sunday night and all the crazy that ensued. And did you know that the apparent internet star from the debate, Kenneth Bone, is from Granite City? He's become an overnight sensation in his trendy red sweater and power stache and might be this year's biggest Halloween costume. Check out the funniest tweets from the debate here: 38 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up The Second Debate

Remember this guy? I mean really, who could forget that face. 

Earlier this year when Stan Kroenke yanked the Rams out of St. Louis and sent them west he single-handedly pissed off an entire city. The Kelly Manno show and crew showed their displeasure by sending him $300 worth of cow manure to his front doorstep. In the wake of the Rams embarrassing loss to the Hoss' favorite team, the Buffalo Bills, we have ANOTHER gift to mail to Stan. Does this one smell better than the last?  Listen to find out.

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