~ Brittany & Phil ~ By: Kelly Manno Photography

Brittany was sort of the little sister I never asked for :)  Growing up, our moms worked together at my parents house.  Which meant she often came to our house after school.   Even though we had a 7-8 year age difference we still got along,  she would hang out in my room and let me braid her awesome hair.  She still has awesome hair,  those are not extensions ladies!!   
We lost touch over the years but bumped into each other at the local bank a few months ago and Voila!  I'm shooting her wedding this August!!!  I don't know if I'm more excited to actually shoot the wedding or hang out with her family who I haven't spent time with in years.   Congratulations Brittany and Phil!  Can't wait for August. 

~ Lucy Who? ~

I have 3 close friends who are about to have a 3rd baby,  I can't help but be excited for them because 3rd babies come with a lot of love,  but they also come with a lot of obstacles. The world is made for a family of four,  once you become five you no longer fit at standard dinner tables,  hotel rooms,  or cars.

People quit giving you parenting advice because they assume you're either crazy or you've figured it out by now.  You're 3rd child will spend a good deal of their first years half naked in just a diaper because you haven't sorted through the tubs of death in your basement to find the correct size they're currently wearing. 

I also have this funny rule that once you go past 2 kids only your very close friends and family can keep your kids straight. 

My husband is guilty of this himself.    When we're spending time with friends who have more than two kids I need to give him the "reminder" talk before we get out of the car regarding which kid has what name.  And he still forgets.

I am never offended when someone mixes up my girls,  I don't blame them,  I did a pretty good job of confusing everyone. 

When I was pregnant with Luci I couldn't decide what to name her,  I had it narrowed down to Luci or Libby Lu,  at the last minute we went with Luci and sometimes called her "LuLu" as a nickname.

Then I blinked and got pregnant again,  I was too exhausted to be creative to I just recycled the name I didn't use for Luci.   So then I had Luci,  and Libby Lu. 

And here is where things get really messy.   
This is Lucy Lu.  
The actress who had her name way before my girls were born.  LOL   People will often call one of my girls "Lucy Lu" - I never correct them,  because the truth is I can't keep it straight half the time. 

As my girls get older they are getting closer and closer to the same size.   They also have the exact same hair color.   The tell tale sign between the two is the curly hair.  Libby Lu is always the one with the curls and Luci has straight hair.  But please don't apologize next time you mix them up,  they've learned to answer to any half-ass attempt at their names. 

For the record we also have a dog named "Susie" which sounds just like "Luci"  when you're calling one of them from across the house or in the backyard...they both come running.

One more time for review.  

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