Happy Birthday Jenny!

Some of my very best friends are fellow wedding photographers here in St Louis. This weekend I was invited out to dinner for Jenny's birthday! I have so much fun every time I hang out with these very talented ladies they are some of my favorite people in the whole world! Kelly, Stephanie, and Michelle!Jenny even got a birthday song from the waiter :)

We are all used to our huge DSLR cameras....look at how fascinated we are by little cameras....

Jenny : Whoa...what do you call that thing?
Dorinda : I think it's called a "point and shoot"?!?!Kelly : You just point it and shoot it....Look at me I did it!
P.S. STAY TUNED this week! I have 3 brand new shoots to show you!

On a chilly night last weekend I got the call that my sweet clients Brittney and Luke were in labor so I headed out to St Johns!

Sweet little Myla was very excited to meet her new cousin :)Mama pushed, and pushed, she was a champ.Plus alas, baby Will was brought in via C-section.First kiss from mom.First family portrait.Brittney and Luke your Photo package/DVD slideshow is in the mail! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, congratulations :)

2nd Workshop Announced!

I have added a 2nd workshop date of Sunday March 22nd. 10 spots are filled, 2 are open. Please contact me for details (Kellymanno@yahoo.com)

I am really excited to announce that my workshop is sold out. I do have a small waiting list of those who didn't get a spot, so if there is enough interest I will schedule a second workshop for late March. Please feel free to e-mail me if you would be interested in attending!
On any given week my e-mail inbox is flooded with letters from "up and coming" photographers with questions such as

"How much should I charge for my first wedding?"
"What's the best lens to use for family photos?"
"Who do you use for printing?"

So with much encouragement from some of my fellow photographers :) I present to you...my first workshop, designed for those anxious to get their feet wet in this business.

Over the weekend I shot the birthday party of a very special little girl, special to me because I shot her birth 2 years ago :) She had a very fun "Tinkerbell" party! Happy Birthday Avery!

Happy Birthday to my little Brother Chris, the best single dad on the planet! This was my present to him!

~2009 Spring Family Portraits~

It's that time of year, I am currently scheduling family portraits for April/May/June. This morning I sent out an e-mail to everyone on my waiting list, I will give waiting list people until Monday to book a session then it will be open to the public! So if you are interested please send me an e-mail Kellymanno@yahoo.com current prices can be seen on my website http://www.kellymannophotography.com/ - I've also added lots of new images lately so take a look around while you're there :)

Also, congrats to Robyn and Adam! They are my very first couple of 2009! What a great way to kick off a new year with a fun couple!

One of the bridesmaids was running late so I had alot of time to play with...."a.k.a. torture" the guys! But they were good sports! We did every cheesey shot you can think of....running, jumping, pointing, etc.. Thank you so much to Kristen from Synergy photography for shooting with me this day! And a special thank you to Jenny for another wonderful referral!

2009 Wedding season is FULL!

My 2009 wedding season is full and I cannot take any more 2009 weddings. You can however still e-mail me because I have lots of lovely friends I would like to refer for you. But I am currently taking 2010 bookings only!

Okay, now that business is out of the way...it's been a while since I've updated with some cute pics of my kiddo's so here ya go!

First is Rocky, he is my 4 year old "Hockey Stud" he had begged us to let him play Hockey since he was 2! We finally found an organization that took him at 3. He just looks so tiny out there but he loves it! This Spring he will start little league and I cannot wait to see him in his cute uniform :)

Despite many problems at birth and serious surgery last year his 4 year old check-up found him in excellent health!

Have I mentioned he makes the energizer bunny look like a slug on tranquilizers? Little old ladies at the grocery store just love them :)Next is little Luci, or Lulu as we like to call her. She basically looks just like Rocky with a bow on his head :) She is an 18 month old firecracker and running around like crazy!She may look sweet but boy is she demanding. She already has a little baby temper where she stomps her feet and squeals when she's mad! It's very funny because Rocky was always so laid back. Luci...not so much :)
So there you have it! I do have much more photography stuff to blog about and that will come later this week! I just wanted to take a minute to show off my cute babies!

~Sweet Baby Kiley~

Earlier this week I shot Kileys 6 month session, she was just adorable! I am shooting her Aunt Michelle's wedding this summer and her Aunt Donna cuts my hair :)Thank you Malorie and Thomas! Your family is gorgeous!

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