Episode 114: Hey, we're alive!

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Aaaaand we're back! Thanks to everyone for being so patient with us while the crew dealt with some family junk over the past few weeks. We really appreciate all the 'miss you' messages! We missed you too and we're glad to be back for one more pre-holiday show! We'll be back at it after the new year with new episodes every Monday! Yes, really! 

Until then, get caught up with everything that's going on with us, our favorite Holiday memories, find out which of us is the 'Grinch' of the group and lots more! 

As always, IF YOU LOVE THE SHOW, SHARE THE SHOW! We love you guys for listening and I promise we'll back in your podcast feed with new hilarity after all the fruitcake is gone and we've slept off the hangover. STAY TUNED!

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