Here I am on the other side of the camera!!!

We had a family photo shoot in early June with the AMAZING Alisha from She did such a great job capturing my little bubba. It was soooo hard to choose favorites but here they are.....

Rain? We don't care bout' no stinking rain! Mia & Jason had a great, and very wet wedding day. But when you have a fun couple like them who doesn't let it get them down the pictures turn out amazing! Mia was a flawless bride! Brides like her make me look good :)

OKay...lots to catch up on. First of all Congrats to Nicole & Charlie! Nicole is a "hometown" girl for me! She was so much fun and willing to do all the crazy things I asked. I'm gonna miss them :( But she promised to call me when they start popping out babies :)

The Paparazzi are coming!!!

I attended my first ever PUG meeting last week! (A group of super talented photog's in the STL area) we networked for a while at the Boathouse then hit the park for a photo shoot! It was crazy seeing all of use chase people around with our camera's it looked like the paparazzi!

My friend TimCo is the devil. He let me borrow his awesome lens for the shoot and now I HAVE to have it! This is me showing off my muscles using it because it's sooo heavy!

Forgot to mention that in the midst of chaos we did get some cute shots!

OKay, so I am a moron! While doing a Maternity/Family session the other day with Mandy Murphy (Fox 2 St. Louis) - I locked my keys in my car in her driveway when she was trying to get ready to be on the news live at 5:00....mind you it was 4:00 :) Thank GOD my assistant Margaret had Triple A! The rest was my dramatic least I didn't lock my camera in the car!

Hmm....Where are my keys...Oh look there they are!

Me being dramatic over being a moron!

Tow Truck man to the rescue!

I heart the tow truck guy....and he thinks I'm a moron!

Margaret says "I don't know what I'm gonna do with her"

Thank you to my lovely assistant Margaret, and of course Mandy and her family for being so patient!

Kristen Rocks! Kristen is the kind of bride photographers dream of...not only was she a doll, but she knew how to laugh, she was kind and sweet and just lit up the room! Her family was wonderful too! It made my job sooooo easy! Don't be surprised if I post more from this wedding as soon as I get a chance (I've had 3 weddings and 2 babies born in the past 2 weeks so I'm currently drowning in editing)

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