"Party in the city where the heat is on..." I'm off to Miami for the rest of the week to shoot the wedding of Martha and Kent! I'm so excited for this wedding its been in the works forever! So I won't be answering e-mail or returning phone calls for a couple days but I will catch up with ya'll when I get back!

Meet the Schissler Family :)Here's Angie and Kit, I'm shooting their wedding in September and I am sooo excited about it. Not only are they 2 of the most photogenic people on the planet but they are also just super cool!
Here are some more individual pictures of Angie's sisters and their kiddo's.

Sisters :)

It was alot of fun you guys! Thank you for hiring me! All the pics will be done in about a week!

I met Steph and Doug over a year ago when I shot his sisters wedding, and you know what they say "keep it in the family" - so they hired me again, that same sister is pregnant and having a baby this summer and I'm shooting her birth as well!

I rented the 85mm prime for this wedding to see if I liked it and it did not disappoint! I was obsessed with this turquoise wall we found and took about a bazillion pics in front of it!

My second shooter was again Jen Henneberry from http://www.catchlightpark.com/ who knocked it out of the park AGAIN! I love this shot she got of the guys! If anyone is ever in need of a dynamite second shooter she is da bomb!

They had their reception at the City Museum which is always good for some funky light!

Okay I'm getting behind so here is a quick "smorgasbord" of my recent sessions!
Meet Sherry, awesome photographer and owner of http://www.metropictureco.com/ - so you'd think she'd be well behaved at a photo shoot...not so much. She hated being on the other side of the camera and giggled or stuck her tongue out in half the images~! But we ended up with some cute ones! I can't wait for our baby girls to have play dates together...gee think we'll take many pictures? :)Stephanie and David got married and had their reception and the same place I had mine, they had a super fun wedding party and just a fun day all around! I wish I had time to post more but here are a couple quick ones!

I also squeezed an engagement session in here somehow! Dawn and Kendall are getting married this fall, fall is hands down my favorite season for weddings!

On 4/28 I shot the wedding of Justin and Melissa, Justin is a long time friend of my hubby so he was in the wedding party as well. Some of the pictures below are from Jenny at www.catchlightpark.com who is a total rock star photographer. Lately I've had the opportunity to work with such AWESOME second shooters I feel humbled. You can learn so much in this business from other great photographers! That's my hubby on the right doing the cheer leading jump :)
Who knew we had a beach in St Louis???

I have been working super hard on my "post processing" and learning alot about color. I had a little fun with the skies in these pictures!
This swing set was important to them, it's where they had many first dates.

November 2007 wedding opening...

I'm sad to report one of my favorite brides has cancelled her November 2007 wedding. I applaud her tough decision and wish her the best of luck.

With that being said, I now have a November opening. I am only taking 2 weddings in November because I will still be getting back in the swing of things from having a baby.

I will now take a wedding on either November 3rd or 17th, if your wedding is one of those dates and you are interested contact me soon, I expect it will fill up quick.

Advice for photographers...

I always like to let people know when I get great service. Last weekend I broke my flash, I was super bummed and took it to the local "big chain" to have it sent out to Canon, they quoted me $150 and told me it would take 6-8 weeks!!! There is no way I could live without my flash that long and it would cost me a fortune to rent one every weekend...

So I took some advice from a friend and went to a small local place. Their name is Winkeler Camera and they are located in Florissant MO. They are a small shop in the basement of a strip mall and have been in business 35 years! He fixed my flash for only $50 and it was ready THE NEXT DAY! I was soooo happy with my service I just wanted to pass his business information along to my fellow photographers :

If you're a clutz like me and break your gear alot, call Jerry Winkeler at 314-921-0738!

Last weekend was a little busy for me....2 weddings and a baby :) First, here is Anne and Chris. They wanted a shot on the front porch of their home and I just love the color in this picture (Thanks lightroom :) I stepped out to go potty during the ceremony (it's a pregnant thing) and noticed this cool little crystal in the door, so I shot through it and got this kaleidoscope thing! Pretty cool!This is just a standard ring shot but I was pretty darn proud of my depth! Next up was Paula and Chris. Paula was one of 10 kids!!! It was a very big and very fun wedding! Here is a shot of the guys in their "getting ready" room".
I finally got to shoot at the downtown graffiti wall I'd been wanting to shoot at! It did not disappoint!
Next came the baby, Dawn and Matt welcomed sweet baby Brooke! I slept in the St. Johns waiting room for 8 hours at 6months pregnant for this little girl, but it was worth it :)

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