HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Love, Batman & Raggedy Anne :)

~ The Weatherly's ~

The Weatherly's are some of my favorite people in the whole world. Maybe because I have been great friends with Dawn since Pre-school, or maybe because Brian was also one of my very best friends. Or maybe because I was the one who introduced them and played "matchmaker" and now they are married with babies. Fun Fact about Dawn: She is a "Type A" personality just like me, her handwriting is so perfect it looks like a typewriter wrote it. So when the leaves had not fallen from the trees enough to her satisfaction for this session she called me and asked if she could rake and bring a bag of leaves from her yard. I laughed and laughed when I got her message, and then realized how much I miss hanging out with her.

~ Kelly and Nate ~

Kelly and Nate's wedding was probably one of my favorites of the year. Stunning bride, beautiful details, and gorgeous weather!

Kelly cried the whole way down the aisle :)And checked out her new bling right after they exchanged rings.
This was their very first photo as "husband and wife" they had just exited the aisle and were waiting to greet their guests.
Kelly and Nate thank you so much to you and your families for such a lovely day! And thank you to Jerren for shooting with me.

~ Hibernation ~

If my grade school memory is correct, hibernation is dormant state bears go into while they wait for winter to pass. It's also something photographers do in the fall to get all their photos from the "busy season" edited on time :) So you know where I will be the next few weeks :)

In the meantime I will leave you with photos of the gorgeous Kate! Enjoy!

~ Emily and Joe ~

Most people know I come from a big family. My Grandma and Grandpa had 8 kids. Those 8 kids had 25 Grand-kids. I am #12 and Emily is #18. I was closer with some of my cousins that some kids were with their sisters. Here is a sneak peek of Joe and Emilys big day :) Shooting a family wedding was alot of work just like any wedding day, I meant to get a photo of my parents and brother and I, but was too busy working. Thanks to my assistant Elisa I at least got a few photos of my kids. It was nice to see Rocky in something other than a soccer or baseball uniform.And at the end of the night I even got to have a dance with my Best-Girl Luci.This was the first time my kids had ever seen me "work" they both know that mommy takes pictures but this was their first chance to see me in action. They really didn't understand why I was "working" and not playing with them, so I shot the toasts with Rocky hanging off my leg, and the first dance with Luci on my hip, but the best part of the night was seeing these 2 follow around mommy all night like this....

~ Baby Fever ~

If you don't already have baby fever, this post will give it to you...

People often ask me what are my favorite type of photos to take, my answer changes with the wind, but lately I have been in LOVE with photographing newborns. Maybe it's the influence of my own pregnancy but I just love to take photos of new squishy babies.

With that being said....meet Mary Grace, if you can find her in this photo :)

There are really no words to describe how much I love this family, the mom, Mary was one of my very first "birth clients" several years ago when no one had heard of "Birth Photography" and surely weren't going to let some stranger into their delivery room.

Fast Forward a few years, I have been in the delivery room for ALL 3 of these babies below. Each of them are special to me in their own little way. Next is sweet baby Asher! Equally special because I have been friends with his momma since we were 13 years old. I knew when I visited their home for the maternity session that I would be using this green bench when the baby came, I fell in love with it.

Momma Amy deserves some sort of Gold Star or medal or something because she gave birth to both these babies 100% natural. As a matter of fact Baby Asher came so quickly he was almost born in the hallway by the St Johns giftshop! But he arrived happy and healthy and makes a wonderful addition to their family.

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