October 23, 2009

~ Kelly and Nate ~

Kelly and Nate's wedding was probably one of my favorites of the year. Stunning bride, beautiful details, and gorgeous weather!

Kelly cried the whole way down the aisle :)And checked out her new bling right after they exchanged rings.
This was their very first photo as "husband and wife" they had just exited the aisle and were waiting to greet their guests.
Kelly and Nate thank you so much to you and your families for such a lovely day! And thank you to Jerren for shooting with me.


Jackie P. said...
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PQ said...

GORGEOUS! what a beautiful job capturing a beautiful wedding.


Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM! Great job as always, what a beautiful Bride.


Cheryl said...

ooh kelly these pics are just scrumptious! Too many favorites!