Look for a new post everyday this week!

Two families to talk about today #1 The Rodgers Family :) I've done their photos before they are alot of fun to shoot, their little girl is beautiful and their little boy thinks everything I say is hysterical so I always get good reaction from him!

Love, love, love this one below...

See....I crack him up :)

Now.....Derek on the other hand didn't think I was very funny. I'm normally really good at getting kids to come out of their shell but he just wasn't havin' it! Figures...because he is family :) His momma is my cousin and I've been taking his photos since he was born at just barely 2 lbs!He did come around a little bit when we got out the bubbles to play with!And even gave his baby brother a little rub in mommy's belly :)

Look for a new post everyday this week!

Here's Ashley and Brenton, you might recognize Ashley from the smokin hot B-pics a couple months ago! Here are their engagement pics! They are so cute together...

This series we did in the grass was towards the end of the session and it was my favorite of the day :)

...more tomorrow!

Look for a new post everyday this week!

At least I'm going to try... I'm very behind on blogging because I have been editing my butt off! So here we go, check out Katie and Mike who had the perfect ingredients for a great wedding day!!!!

Beautiful Weather...

Cute Bride...Pretty Colors....Emotional Groom... Super fun Bridal Party...
Adorable son...

Sweet Sunset...
Love for each other...

A flying veil...

A sweet little smooch...And a disco ball...

and how could I forget....an awesome second shooter - That's my assistant Jenny holding Katie and Mikes little boy and shooting the same time, now that's some multi-tasking :)

Whoo! Hoooo! My first "Shot Party" was so much fun! Despite the chilly weather and almost getting jumped by a bunch of homeless bums - it was a blast!
We shot on the landing and then had drinks and dinner at Morgan Street! I love all my photography friends because we are shattering the image of wedding photographers....gone are the days of grumpy old men who hate their job! Not only do we love what we do but we love and help each other!
Here is our first model Laura! She was WONDERFUL to shoot! So easy & Natural!Here's a shot of some of our group! Everyone thought we were the paparazzi!Next we shot Jeff and Tasha, they're already married but we did an "engagement" type shoot with them anyway... OKay, so here is the part where we almost got jumped by bums.... They tried to kick us off their...um...."house"?

This is the first bum who came up and started yelling at us and Jeff wasn't having it....he was ready to throw down.... if you look carefully between Jeff and Tasha you can see a whole other group of bums coming at us....the problem is there were WAY more bums than photographers and we were in the middle of no where.

I haven't been that scared in a long time, we got the hell out of there and they even got in their truck (yes they had one... it was barley running) and they chased us out.

And below is by far my favorite of the day!
Thank you so much to our models and awesome photographers for making it a huge success - look for my 2nd shot party sometime in the next 6 months!

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