Ga-hee Ga-hi Ga- ho- ho- ho!

If you don't know what the title of my post means then you didn't go to GCHS :)

Back in high school I was a pom-pom girl. Of course, like any good pom, my life revolved around it. I would eat, sleep, and breathe poms. I got an e-mail a couple weeks ago asking me to do a fun "Girls" shoot with the 9 graduating Seniors of the GCHS Pom Squad (ahem..which is now called the "Dance Team") Anyway, I jumped at the chance and I cannot remember the last time I had soooo much fun at a shoot!

I just loved hanging out with these girls, they were sassy, and spunky, and reminded me of the good ole' days. I drove home with a big smile on my face. I feel like it was yesterday that I was in their shoes, just weeks from scared, yet so excited, so much to look forward to... yet so much to leave behind.
To this day some of the girls in this photos are still my very best friends.

The Castle Family!

I've always wanted to shoot in New Town St Charles, it's a beautiful little community and the Castle family was up for the challenge! I had lots of fun with their 2 beautiful little girls!
P.S. A big thank you to Dad for helping me drag this chair out into the field through about 3 inches of mud. What a trooper!

Wedding Season is "OFFICIALLY" here :)

Baseball players, Football players, and Hockey players all have a "season" - so do photographers :) And it's here! Every year my life is pretty crazy from April - November, but I am ready, refreshed and excited!

Even though I've already had a few weddings sprinkled in this year Jennifer and Derek kicked off my busy season and I couldn't have a more fabulous couple to do so.

Daddy walked his daughter down the aisle...

and then had a little moment.... :)

I think it's obvious how much I love kids, I'd rather hang out with kids than adults anyday :) When I learned the cute ring bearer was the son of the bride and groom that was my "greenlight" to take tons of pictures of him all day. I couldn't decide on a few so here is my collage to "Cohen"

Thank you Jennifer and Derek, for being so laid back, and so genuine, I can't wait for you to see all the photos!

Stay tuned folks! This blog is going to be busy, busy, busy!

Spring is here! Spring is here! Spring is here!

Meet Liam! He is a former birth client of mine, except he threw us a curve ball when he was born, he came so early I had not even met his parents for the maternity session yet!

I owe some very late Happy Birthday wishes to Roman! Not only did I shoot his 1st Birthday a couple weeks ago but I actually shot his BIRTH one year ago :) I love watching these kiddos grow up!

His beautiful Mama Donna is my hair-stylist! She also does weddings so brides take note :)

It might shock you to know that 99% of photographers don't like taking pictures of their own kids. Myself included :) For many, many reasons...

#1) You're more picky/judgemental about photos of your own children.
#2) Your own kids don't listen to you as well as your clients kids :)
#3) You have more patience with other people's children.
#4) Imagine if you were a mechanic...the last thing you'd want to do at the end of the day is work on your car.

I LOVE taking candid snapshots of my kiddo's but I only set out and "brave" an actual session with them about once a year.

So without further a due here are a couple of my own children Rocky and Luci.

By the way...I nabbed that old green chair at the Salvation Army for $20! I think you'll be seeing alot of it at my sessions this year!

I have been driving past this field of purple flowers for weeks just dying to get Luci out there for some photos. So I finally pulled up to the owners house and asked her if I could shoot on her property and she was really nice and said yes!

Yes I know the boa and cowgirl hat take this photo to the "cheesey" extreme...but I've wanted a little girl my whole life so I'll dress her how I want :o)

I hope you enjoyed them, but I still think I'm better at pictures of other peoples children :0)

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