I'm BAAAACK! After a quick hiatus to have a baby I'm officially back. My first wedding back was with Angie and Kit....and they pretty much rocked. Since they booked me I've referred to them as my "Ken and Barbie" couple cause they're just THAT cute! This shot pretty much explains them...so much fun! So much personality! They got married at St Anthony of Padua which is one of my favorite churches to shoot in!All the girls!All the guys deserve credit for being troopers and wearing hot pink ties!
I love this shot of them welcoming everyone to their reception, they had a BIG crowd!Finally, at the end of the night when they were dog tired and Angies feet were killing her (from those awesome hot pink heels) I drug them out in the street for a couple night shots....totally worth it! Angie and Kit rank among my all time favorite couples! Thank you guys so much! I know it was a long hot day but we got some awesome shots! I'll let you know as soon as they're done!

I'm so excited!!! The future of slideshows is here!!! This is my first one and just sorta a test show....but check it out! Make sure your speakers are turned up!

"Baby Luci falls asleep after checking out mom's spread in the latest bridal magazine..."
So this is WAY overdue since the magazine has been out for 2 months...but anyway "St Louis Best Bridal" featured one of my weddings in their latest issue and put my bride on the cover (Go Mia!)

I've been featured in print quite a few times but I still get geeked out every time because I love my job! So next time your in the grocery store pick this up and flip to page 37!

It's not finished....but here is a little glimpse at my daughter Luci's journey into the world.....

My video guy isn't done editing his stuff yet and that will be added in later.

Thanks to Dorinda for the Maternity shots, Margaret for the Delivery room shots, and Jenny for the at home shots!

Okay, so even though I was "suppose" to be on maternity leave, 3 very important people to me were pregnant so I couldn't pass up doing these birth stories...

Here is baby Lucinda. I shot her Mommy and Daddys wedding almost 2 years ago. Her Dad serves our country over in Iraq and barely made it home 2 days before the delivery.Tasha had no drugs at all and was a total champ!Please keep RJ in your prayers after a quick 2 weeks home he is back in Iraq, I know Tasha and his baby girl miss him very much.Next came Miss Paige!!! Paige was born exactly 16 hours before I gave birth to my daughter Luci....so when I say I worked up until I gave birth I mean that almost literally!!!
I also just adore her mommy and daddy Jennifer and Josh, they are the cutest family, I shot their wedding as well! I've know Jennifer since 6th grade so it was awesome to be a part of their big day!!!Last but not least....Baby Keithan. I know his mommy and daddy pretty well too, but I didn't shoot their wedding...I was maid of honor in it :)Stefanie has been my best friend for the last 15 years. We were so excited that we were pregnant together...she was suppose to deliver Keithan 4 weeks after I had Luci, but Keithan had other plans....He came 8 WEEKS early and scared the crap out of all of us! I got a call from her husband one night at about 2:30 in the morning saying Stef was in labor, it was the hardest delivery room to be in, I was scared to death....she was calm and collected and Lakeith almost passed out.

Anyway, after a couple weeks in the St. Johns NICU he is healthy, home and happy! Isn't this the cutest pic of him and his momma!and here he is with his daddy! Looks just like his daddy :)Whew! Okay....Yay for healthy babies! With that said I am going to try and rest the last couple days of my maternity leave....but I have my first wedding back this Saturday (did I mention I'm a work-a-holic?) - It's only 5 weeks after having Luci but I just adore my bride and groom plus I'm ready to get out of the house for a couple hours...Angie & Kit see you Saturday!!!!!

I've been tagged :0)

There is a game of blog tag going around all the photographers blogs, I was tagged by my friend Michael - I have to list 8 random facts about my self....so here we go.

#8 - I used to be a groupie of the band "No Doubt" and I am still a HUGE fan, me and my girlfriend have followed them to many cities and got to hang with them plenty. Gwen is officially the coolest chick alive.

#7 - I don't trust people who don't like dogs.

#6 - Becoming a mother saved me from my vanity. I no longer care about losing 10 pounds, being rich or buying things for myself. Being a mom is the one thing I'm determined to get right.

#5 - In June of 2002 I was saved and became a born again Christian.

#4 - On August 16th 2006 I miscarried twins.

On August 16th 2007 I had Luci.

#3 - I am a total Redneck hoosier at heart, I'm from Granite City IL and I love Lynyrd Skynyrd, NASCAR, and WWE wrestling. When a bride has her reception at the KC hall and serves fried chicken I feel at home.

#2 - I believe without a doubt I am currently living the best years of my life.

#1 - I've never taken a photography class :)

Okay there you have it! I'm gonna tag Dorinda, Sarah, and Sherry!

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