how cute are my brides? I mean really, I'm one lucky photographer and they make my job easy. Erin and Mike were married on June 16th and they had a beautiful wedding!Cute ceremony shot...They almost broke their noses trying to get this shot....ever tried to kiss while jumping on a trampoline? Not to easy...And more of my cute brides...but these girls aren't getting married until this fall!Here is Jenny and Ryan...And Christie and Curtis...
I've had a couple people ask when they are going to see some of my belly pics and stuff on here, I promise I have all sorts of cool stuff to show you, the nursery, some 3D ultrasounds etc... in a couple weeks I will sort all the out and post it all up!

Family Picture time :) Here is a big multi-family shoot I did a couple weeks ago! Some of these cute kids belong to Mike a videographer buddy of mine, he owns if any of my brides are looking! Here is Molly.
And here is Gracie who is one of my "Birth Story" babies :)
And the boys showing off their muscles.The kids were so good they got rewarded with ice cream at the end of the shoot.
Now if you're a recent bride of mine you might recognize this lovely lady, it's Dorinda one of my main second shooters.
We both have 2 year old little boys and I just love this picture of Gavin, it's definitely captures his personality.

And finally another "Birth Story" baby - this is Reagan who is about 6 months old. I just LOVE catching up with my birth families and seeing how much they've grown.

Yeah! I've finally gotten time to post some of my Miami wedding pictures! A big thank you to Martha and Kent my bride and groom who were awesome to work with! And Stephanie at for going with me and putting up with a very pregnant woman for 3 days!Martha was a beautiful Bride :)They were suppose to get married outdoors but "Tropical Storm Barry" had other plans....But a sweet teary-eyed ceremony none the less :)The guys...The girls... And a the super hot couple.... Here's Kent crying on his mama's shoulder during the mother/son dance....very sweet!

Then came the real fun....dragging them out of bed the next morning for some smoking hot beach shots! Can't get these in St. Louis :(

Congratulations to my friend and fellow photographer Sherry ( who became a proud new mama a couple weeks ago :) Here she is with baby Whitney.My favorite moment at every delivery is when mommy holds her new baby for the first time...
Sherry lives nearby me and since I'll be having a baby girl in a couple weeks you can bet on plenty of play dates and TONS of pictures :) Welcome to the world baby Whitney...

Musietta and Cory were married on 5/19, this has to be one of my favorite weddings ever. Musietta was such a great bride, not only was she a knock-out, but she didn't care about her hair getting messed up, or her dress dirty, she was there to have fun! She did everything we asked. We had her running down railroad tracks and standing in waterfalls....she rocked! Awesome bridal party too! How stinking cute are these girls???

It took me forever to blog about this wedding because there were so many great images it was hard to choose!

She had the perfect wedding day weather!

And of course a HUGE thank you to Jenny at - I think I've finally found someone with as much energy as me, and she is so fun to shoot with! Here we are in their photobooth! Since we're both barley over 5 feet tall all you can see is our foreheads! HA! These photo booths are a blast and can be rented for your wedding at

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