~ My name is Flora, after the Patron Saint of the Abandoned. Are you my new family? ~

*** UPDATE - Sweet Flora has been adopted, thank you to everyone who spread the word ***

It started with a couple, who found a starving, hairless puppy.  Bleeding from her head and ears digging in the trash.  They scooped her up and took her to the nearest vet.  Some vets are rescue friendly, others are not.  This one was clearly the latter.

They provided zero care, not even to her open wounds and immediately called animal control to come take her.

Folks at animal control don't treat injuries unless they are life threatening, she was put in the Animal Control paddy wagon and was headed for the pound when in swooped one of my favorite rescue buddies Jennie Foster :)

She sent out a frantic plea on Facebook!

If she could jail break the dog will anyone foster her until we can find her a home???

I kept re-checking her post hoping someone would step up, but Jennie is well known in the rescue world and has probably asked for more than her fair share of favors from friends.

The dog was literally on his way to Animal Control so I knew the decision had to be immediate or it would be too late.

Usually AC holds them for 3-5 days until they are claimed or euthanized. Thinking of that puppy living his last few days injured and alone on a cement floor was too much for heart.

And because I have little sanity left, I said yes.

Jennie jail-broke her and made arrangements with Chippewa animal hospital to care for her until she was healthy enough to be released. She looked terrible, her paws were so hot pink they looked raw, very little hair and severe mange, open head wounds.   I will spare you the rescue pictures, but here she is after just one week of vet care.

                                                       Taking her freedom ride in the Manno-van :)

Lots of scabs left, and very little hair, She looks like she is going to be a brown dog with white patches.  You can see a large white patch growing in under her chin and she also has one on her back. 

She is now hanging out at the Manno house, which has been a great teaching lesson for my kids.  But we urgently need to find her a home.  There is no adoption fee for her but please don't be offended if I stalk you, ask alot of questions, and ask for references. This puppy deserves a kick ass home.

I'm not looking for a pat on the back, I was a very small piece of this puzzle. But it shows how a little kindness from so many people can go a long way.  It started with the couple who saved her...which led to her jailbreak rescue by Jennie....which lead to Chippewa Animal hospital donating their services....which led to me fostering her...are you the final piece of this puzzle?

I have all of her medications paid for and she is expected to make a full recovery and grow all her hair back.  She has also had all her starter immunizations. 

I have no idea what breed she is but she reminds me a lot of my border collie and she points with her foot up like a hunting dog.

She is FULL of love - probably 6 months old and about 20 pounds.  Lots of puppy energy.  VERY friendly, likes cats and dogs and kids. She is potty training like a rock star.

If you cannot adopt her but would like to help, you kick $10 bucks into her fundraising account to pay back the Chippwea Animal hospital for their care.

This is not my account, it was set up by the rescue and goes straight to the animal hospital who took care of her. They are a small, locally owned, business who were very kind to take on this sweet girl for free. This is not the first animal they have cared for under these circumstances.

Her name is Flora, named after the patron Saint of the abandoned - of course you're welcome to change her name to whatever your family sees fit!  I will start taking serious inquiries tomorrow morning.  My email is Kellymanno@yahoo.com and my phone number is 314-809-7625.  

The Kelly Manno Show - Episode 6

The crew had fun with Kelly's new butt-pads.  From L to R, Kelly, Carlos, Donna and Producer Gary.
If you accidentally put your car Reverse instead of Drive bad things happen, and then you get pulled over, and get alot of tickets.  Just ask Kelly.
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~ Hannah and Zachary ~ MARRIED! By Kelly Manno Photography

My busy summer of weddings took a final bow a few weeks ago with Hannah and Zachs spectacular wedding.  Filled love, happiness, and a little quirky-ness on the side. It was the first time I entered a reception hall via a parade, that's for sure :)
Even though you've been pronounced as husband and wife by the priest, you still need to get through the Saber Arch to becoming an official "army wife" :)
Hannah and Zach met at a tractor pull. In addition, this is my second wedding with her family and they have a thing for tractors :) 
Their entire reception was a "New Orleans" theme to honor where Zach spent a lot of time living.  The masks, and decorations were gorgeous.
One of the most popular traditions during a New Orleans wedding is the famous "Second Line parade" Led by a full brass band in front of them, the couple parades from the streets of the city into the reception. Bridal party, family, and loved ones join in along the way. 
They form a line behind  the newly married couple, dancing and strutting to the lively music with handkerchiefs or cocktail napkins! It was so much fun!
My heart explodes with this photo of my Hannah, her new husband, and her maid on honor. How lucky can one girl get to have this much love in her life. 

~ The Kelly Manno Show ~ Episode 4

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