~ Hannah and Zachary ~ MARRIED! By Kelly Manno Photography

My busy summer of weddings took a final bow a few weeks ago with Hannah and Zachs spectacular wedding.  Filled love, happiness, and a little quirky-ness on the side. It was the first time I entered a reception hall via a parade, that's for sure :)
Even though you've been pronounced as husband and wife by the priest, you still need to get through the Saber Arch to becoming an official "army wife" :)
Hannah and Zach met at a tractor pull. In addition, this is my second wedding with her family and they have a thing for tractors :) 
Their entire reception was a "New Orleans" theme to honor where Zach spent a lot of time living.  The masks, and decorations were gorgeous.
One of the most popular traditions during a New Orleans wedding is the famous "Second Line parade" Led by a full brass band in front of them, the couple parades from the streets of the city into the reception. Bridal party, family, and loved ones join in along the way. 
They form a line behind  the newly married couple, dancing and strutting to the lively music with handkerchiefs or cocktail napkins! It was so much fun!
My heart explodes with this photo of my Hannah, her new husband, and her maid on honor. How lucky can one girl get to have this much love in her life. 

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