~ MABRY - Class of 2015 ~

About 4 years ago I quietly quit accepting High School Senior sessions.  For a lot of personal reasons.  I felt like they weren't my strong suit,  or something I excelled in.   I didn't really connect with older kids.  I needed to streamline my business and shoot a couple things I'm really good at and stay away from the things I'm not.  
Last year,  an old family friend starting asking me,  begging me, to shoot her daughters Senior portraits. This extended family means an awful lot to me and I couldn't say no.  After all I've known Mabry since  she was a toddler, and I hadn't seen her in years.  I'm so glad I accepted this session.   Mabry has grown to be such a beautiful girl inside and out.   She did every silly thing I asked her to do at this session and as a result she has some stunning Senior Photos.   

As a matter of fact,  I liked shooting them so much that I've decided to move Senior sessions back into my arsenal for the class of 2015.  I don't know where the heck I'm going to squeeze them in,  but I'll find somewhere :)   I'll be adding the details to my website later this year.  In the meantime if you would like to get your High School Senior on my waiting list email me here:  Kellymanno@yahoo.com 

~ Whitney and Jake ~ MARRIED!

If it's true that rain is good luck on your wedding day,  then Whitney and Jake should be hitting the lotto and pregnant with triplets within a year.   

Whitney and Jakes family and friends were amazing.  Especially those waiting in the rain for the outdoor ceremony to start.  Ponchos, umbrellas, and big, big smiles were all I saw.  

Let these beautiful photos be a testament to brides who worry about rain on their wedding day.  I promise when the rain stops we are left with the most gorgeous light to shoot with :)  

Take a moment to enjoy Whitney and Jakes wedding photos.  

The back of Whitney's dress was absolute perfection.   
A perfect get-away car to end a perfect day.  Thank you Whitney and Jake.  

~ Kathy and Patrick ~ They will… 2014!

Kathy and Patrick somehow ended up with one of the hottest, swampy days for their engagement photos,  and they still pulled it off and looked fabulous!   They picked a November wedding date, so luckily we won't have that problem on their big day!   I'm so excited for their Ritz Carlton wedding this Fall,  Kathy is going to be a stunning bride!  Enjoy!

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