~ Cool things I see at Weddings ~ part one

In 10 years I've shot a lot of weddings. With the invention of Pinterest it seems like every wedding looks the same.    It's rare that I come across something truly unique that I think other brides might like to know about, and I'm happy to share those ideas here on my blog.

Recently, at Katie and Chris' wedding, I kept seeing groups of people gathered around the corners of the bar,  when I got closer I noticed it was because they all had their phones hooked up to these awesome charging stations, they were personalized with Katie and Chris' photos on them.
On any given wedding day you're asking your guests to give up 6-8 hours of their day away from their homes and cars,  over that span of time you're going to need to charge your phone.   You can personalize these chargers any way you want.  I personally think every reception venue in town should be carrying these,  if they aren't you should look into getting one yourself.
Since I'm not planning a wedding,  or big event, I opted for the personal power bank charger.   You can personalize them any way you want so they make great gifts for friends and family.
It fits in your pocket or purse,  but here is the best part.  See the adaptor at the bottom,  it has multi-ports so not only can it charge your phone,  but your friends phone as well,  even if they don't have the same phone as you!    My mom is notorious for letting her phone battery die,  I'm whipping out my pocket charger next time that happens. 
If you're not already convinced to pick up one of these let me tell you one more thing.   This business is run by folks right here in the St. Louis.   So not only will you be helping your wedding guests,  or customers,  or anyone who needs a quick charge,  you'll also be supporting small local business.  I encourage you to visit their website and read their story.

To find out more visit their website  GET CHARGED NOW or call 314-486-6676

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