May 22, 2014

~ Cameron and Gary ~ MARRIED!

So remember a few weeks ago in Chesterfield,  when the Blue Angels were in town?    That show happened literally right above Cameron and Garys wedding.  They started flying at the same time the ceremony began.  The timing was almost comical,  the officiant would end a prayer and say Amen and at that moment we'd get a fly by. Vroooom,  whoosh,  you could feel the vibrations of the thrusters and the whole church would rattle.  It was pretty awesome.  The ceremony ended just in time for the guests to spill out into the parking lot and watch the finale.  We had a front row seat.   How many folks can say they were photo bombed by the Blue Angels?
Okay,  back to Cameron and Gary.   They met at work and when she was sent to work on a project in Texas that didn't stop them from getting to know each other.  He taught her how to make a Mojito over the phone and she was hooked.  Enjoy their pictures from their beautiful day.